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tourist map of Waiheke Island

This map is for orientation only. Visitor Information, Waiheke Island Travel Tourist Information New Zealand The Waiheke Island I-SITE Visitors Information Centers provides useful information for visitors such as community recreation and travel. Choose Waiheke Island Travel and Visit Information from the drop-down menu below. You can also choose another area. Well-known for its scenic beauty, pristine sand dunes, angling, world-class wine, oil, artist workshops, fine arts galeries and a delectable selection of fine dining and cafe.

Explore the Waiheke Local page and see what this stunning island has to boast of. The New Zealand map does not show any lists on the map itself, but can be navigated by click on the map icon. You can also choose a catagory or area from the major link to find and visit tourist companies.

Auckland, Waiheke Island, New Zealand

The Waiheke Island is located 17 km eastwards of Auckland, only 40 minutes by ferry. Famed for its redwine & olive trees, arts & sculptures, whitish sand and picturesque coastline, Waiheke Island is often referred to as "the gem of the Hauraki Gulf". As one enters the doors of Delamore, one begins to feel the distinction.

It is a unique, international renowned wine tasting establishment with breathtaking view. The wine-growing estate has a beautiful atmosphere and has been described as "one of the most romantically places in the world".

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