Waiheke Island Ferry Cost

Ferry Waiheke Island Costs

Fillerswatch From Waihekeans (Explore Traitor and Believer) how will fuller recover the money he' been losing for the last 18month? Let's take a simple number of 1,000 month ticket owners in September 2014 for $355 (and no need for "special" reduced rates) a pop. Failure to show up at Explore would have meant a turnover of $6,400,000 in the 18 month game.

Explore had a 25% saleshare, and the total income from tickets was $750 x $325 per months (the perpetual "special rate" announced in their advertisements in the media) was approximately $4,400,000. About $2,000,000,000 wasted by Waiheke commuteers alone when Explore was underway. This is not true for the duplication of operational expenses when the number of departures doubles.

This does not take into account the loss of additional ticket sales, such as individual and multiple trips. In the positive side, Fullers relished 100% of the superb golden coin currency, despite exploring to carry retirees, and was never required to divide this booty until very very late in the morning.

Winston Peters owed Winston a large contribution for this kind of help! Fuller's faithful customers only benefited: additional departures, reduced price tickets that saved them $400,000 ($30 x 750 x 18) they could spend on other things at Waiheke. So, how do you get back the $2 million you lose?

This should take about 6 and a half weeks, because then the tourism period begins and commuting is just a hassle that takes up a lot of room on the boat, which could be more profitable for sale to people. Distribute over 1,000 cardholders per year, i.e. about $330 per week additional to the actual ticket prices.

Await $685 per month ($355 - the rebate no longer valid - plus $330). Of course, this can be alleviated by increasing all other tariffs, so that the costs are not only covered by commuteers. The $30 to $45 per-ball raise could turn into a 50% raise that needs to be included in the tariff.

Another half of this amount relates to the takeover of 35 former Explore employees.

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