THE AOAO FROM WAIALAE PLACE/ETAL. Inquire Travelin' Joe: Hawaii, Florida and a tee time in Waialae. This is what Richard R. Bass Architects contemporary design for this three-level luxury house in Oahu's prestigious Waialae Iki community has achieved.

The Waialae Beach Park - 142 pictures & 37 reviews - Parks - 4925 Kahala Ave, Kahala, Honolulu, HI - Telephone number

The Waialae Strand has to be my favourite spot. It' on Kahala Avenue, just outside the Kahala Hotel. There' s always a carport, and there's not much going on. You can also hike from the grounds to the Kahala Hotel while you pass the Waialae Country Club and the rental apartments.

The Waialae is a very relaxed place to just relax and think, have a meal during the intermission, be together with your beloved and just have a good time. The Honolulu beaches are free of charge! I' ll stop here, then I' ll run along the shore to the near situated dolphin and turtle hotels.

Well, I could stay at the motel and I could afford it, but I don't. I' d be able to stay at the motel, but I' m not. Isn' t it better to do a little sport in a nice seawater (instead of parked in the structure) with a nice look? It' such a family-friendly place.

It' secure for bathing and play in the sea..... I also appreciate the free of charge shopping! It' a really nice little shore area! It has a multi-storey vehicle pool and road access as well. Immediately we found a place to stay, but even if the vehicles had to be parked, it usually only took a minutes or two for another vehicle to drive away.

We had a beautiful lawn with banks where we could store all the groceries and drinks. Everybody who used the playground was very kind and there were many cheerful and fun animals romping in the green. It is open until 10 am, but when the daylight went down, the nature of the reserve began to alter.

I' d like to see a little more of the beachside, but what I saw from the parks was really good. I' ve been to this shore many different occasions and it's one of my favourites. I am Labor Day, a group of us went on a standing paddle and had a very funny part.

Paddling past Kahala Hilton. At most places there were small rides on small shafts. It can be difficult to park, but crowds come and go a long way, if you just sit around for a few moments, you could grab a stand.

And if not, you' ll find a car stop in the upmarket area. It is a rather large square with a pavillon and a showers area. There is a small carport, but if you really timed it, you can win points for it. Strandpark is located in the quiet area of Kahala (next to the Kahala Hotel or if you like me call the Kahala Mandarin Hotel).

It' been a long, long while since I've been to this place. It is not one of those shores that you walk past and say: "Oh, let's stop at this beach", because the position of the sandy area is really not far from the circumnavigation of the isle. The things I like about this seaside park:

and not a very favorite place. It is a small lido with many small children romping around on the beaches and in the sea. Car parks for the shore - small, but if you have patience, you will get a place. Grass areas to admire the views of the sea if you don't like sandy beaches.

Maintained sandpark with very little garbage. The things I don't like about this seaside park: There is a sandy and sandy area. All in all only a decent one. The Kahala Hotel is close by if you want to take a look at the pools. Beautiful shore to get away from the overcrowded places in Waikiki.

It seems there are always one or two places in the car park, even at noon. Has been able to get some goofing after visiting Nervous Waters. There are some reefs on the lefthand side of the shore (to the lefthand side of the wall), which extend about 10-15ft. on averages.

There was nothing I caught, but it seemed quite fish. I' ve tried snorkelling a little, but it's quite gloomy with low vision. There are also plenty of bathroom and showers, which are quite neat and tidy. Hawaiian beaches can't be really awful with palms and knows sands.

I' m gonna say Waialae is just fine. Kahala's shores are away from the hustle and bustle of Ala Moana and Waikiki, so there are fewer people. Although it is a bit more remote, I did not find Waialae Strand really deserving of a visit. I went from Kapahulu to this Kahala bath.

This is because this is a small sandy area. Waialae has a number of facilities such as car parks and shower facilities in town. It' not a must-see but if you are in the area, you might as well stop by for some sunshine sometime.

Although I must say that I found the Kahala elite's fancy front gardens more attractive than the bath. Especially the building to the right of the shore, which is full of sculptures. Well, this is just fine. Even the sand is a little craggy.

It'?s not that pretty, but it?s not far. Lovely vistas and some quiet ripples despite the rocky and coral-filled sands! It is understandable that this place allows the use of pets, but the owners did not appreciate not checking her big one, as it came twice as near to my sire!

This small shore line is not exactly perfect for play with sandy beachestools. There were also many old branches and old branches and leafs and everything in the way of the Wai'alae stream. Won't be back soon, but if we do, we'll run to the shore outside Kahala Resort instead.

Go down the shore towards Diamond Head to find a peaceful place and have a good glass of good wines and cheeses with your date. I was very reluctant after I read the review that the Oahu Bay was not one of the clearest and one of the craggyest.

As Wai'alae was only a few literal minuts away from our motel, and since I knew that my mother and my sister would need eternity to get dressed, I decided to have the wedding service on this shore because I was nearby. Luckily (and unfortunately) building took place, which resulted in the shore being less congested and hard to park, but we could find a place right in front of the shore.

But I would not go to this place any more and would rather go to one of the more beautiful ones! I' m not sure there are even enough people. There' s a lot of parkin', but I used to walk here. There' more space between the grassy pitch and the shore. This makes the sand perfect for swimming in the sun.

I' m amazed that the shore exists and that it's about the room and the serenity. It rises and settles on the sandy surface. There' re not many folks on the sands and it is a great bedtime. It' good that I found this place.

It is not advisable if you have little spare moment in Honolulu. There was no breakers to wind - not even quiet little ripples, the waters did not seem to be particularly clear (mud swimming on the waters in some places), there were very few places where you could get into the waters that were not littered with mud capped crags.

Besides, the waters weren't clear enough for snorkelling. Kahala Hotel's sandy area, just 15 minutes walking along the coast northeast, was so much better if you need to focus your leisure in this area. Otherwise I would suggest Waimanalo or Sandy Beaches for a wonderful days at the beaches!

But if you only want to find a calm place where you can observe the sun set, then this may be the right one! Formerly known as Kahala Park, this is a beautiful sandy spot right next to the Kahala Hotel & Resort along with the course.

However, there may be temporary restrictions on the amount of space available. Considering the number of limousines on the property, it is a train that on some occasions you have to turn your Toyota around to land along these giant Kahala villas with well-kept lawn areas that have a jump to them. Isn' it a worthwhile stroll?

It is a little chilly and you have to get over the early chill of the waters, but once on your back, your ear is clogged, your eye is shut, you find yourself in a naturally sensorial pool, all your sorrows have disappeared. You' re gonna be a lot easier when you get back to your coma.

After a weekday we came here in the afternoons and the sand was quite calm. It is not the most beautiful or thrilling of beaches, but if you go there, you can always go a few steps away to Kahala Resort and watch the Dolphin and Seartle.

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