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Taveuni Fiji Vuna Village

The village of Vuna is located at the southern end of Taveuni. Fiji-islands / North / Savusavu /. Tui Bua to seek a solution for his campaign in Fiji with the Tongan parliament. The lagoon has good snorkelling opportunities and it is easy to visit the village and interact with the locals. Close to Vuna Village, Taveuni, North, Fiji.

The Vuna lighthouse: Viewed Paramount village on Taveuni.

Abel Tasman was the first European to see Taveuni in 1643. The visibility was bad and he thought the Taveuni summits were separated isles. The Tongan warrior Enele Ma'afu, who had captured the Lau Isles, was beaten by the Tui Cakau forces in a battle near Somosomo in the Lapon.

A number of Ma'afu side inhabited island were sacrificed by Cakobau to punish europeans, and their residents were transferred to Taveuni. Lovonivonu and Kanacea are inhabited by their heirs. Commentaries: If the war was the cause that Somosomo took over the leadership of Taveuni - why did Somosomo still not have much country in comparison to that of Vanua o Vuna?

As Wikipaedia says: 1643 became the first European to see Taveuni. The visibility was bad and he thought the Taveuni summits were separated isles.

Aid for the rebuilding of the village of Vuna, Taveuni

of the Fiji Times: Having lived on Taveuni in recent years, their passion for the islands has prompted a group of foreign hoteliers and local residents to collect $60,000 for the renovation of houses in Navakawau and Vuna. Situated at the southern end of the isle, the two towns are among the most affected areas in Taveuni.

The Nakia resort owners and leader of the voluntary group of discharge operatives, Julie Kelly, said the $60,000 they raised early with the help of friendly donors would help families reconstruct and reconstruct their houses. "Besides, we have given eight tons of roof sheeting, straps and pins to our families," Ms Kelly said.

"The village people were able to use the indigenous tree that was destroyed at the level of the Cyclone and obtain their own wood from chain saws that we also supplied them. You supplied seven tons of construction material and two Husqavarna chain saws to Vuna Village to support the 641 village inhabitants.

"A second supply of material was supplied to Navakawau, where 652 village inhabitants live, and these construction material will supply new rooftops for 68 hosts. The Navakawau Village Director, Iosefo Matailima, said that the construction material and chainsaws given to the village people would help those who were losing their houses in the aftermath of Severe TC Winston.

Mr Matailima said that the village people were grateful to the volunteer staff for having thought of the village people at a point in their lives when they had nowhere to go. Ratu Emosi Tolevu, the village's long-standing director, expressed his gratitude to the local volunteer for their selfless donations.

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