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Forecasts and tips for football leagues. Free-of-charge football predictions, in-depth statistical analysis of football matches, historical results and odds. Daily free betting tips and predictions for today's games and the weekend. Morning is half-time / full-time mathematical football predictions. UK Premier League, prediction, goals, fair, odds, %, score, result.

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Forecasts are computed using statistics and our proprietary calculation algory. We give forecasts for each division on a per cent basis for home victories, draw and winnings at visitors┬┤ In contrast to other wagering pages, we also offer you current result forecasts. You can also find hyperlinks to genuine scores from all over the globe. They can follow the progress of the game in action.

When I play some of my favourite solitaire titles, why do I see the questions mark " instead of forecasts or bets? You have to play at least 6 ligagames (at least 3 home and at least 3 away games). We cannot make a forecast if not. Which is the edition of your forecasts and bets?

Contrary to other wagering websites, we also deliver the most likely end mark of the games. The INDEX can be considered as twice the amount of the forecasted difference between home and away goals. The plus symbol in favor of the home side, the minus symbol in favor of the away-side.

For example INDEX -4.0 means that our application is predicting the away side to score 2 times, INDEX +3.0 means that our application is predicting the home side to score 1.5 times. What is INDEX computed? The INDEX is built on two key elements - the actual shape and the strength of each group.

The actual shape is computed from the last 6 matches that have been used. Performance is charged for home and away matches on a separate basis. What are the different colours of your bets? The colour grading is used for fast guidance. Greening means predicting a home victory, a away victory, a home victory or a tie, and a away victory or a tie.

No. Our forecasts and bets are exclusively predictive and algorithme. What other factors do I need to consider along with your forecasts and odds? If it is the end of the year and the squad is near the 1. position, near the championship or near the descent (which means that they will be fighting for every point).

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