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Nadi's Top Choice Fusion. It can be overwhelming what you can see and do in Viti Levu, but Frommer's has the ultimate Internet guide to what you can do. It' not only the home of a big tropical. Activities in Lautoka. Discover the northwestern side of Viti Levu.

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Snatch a pint at the Planters Club, a South Seas icon, and learn about the locals' tittle-tattle. Drink a nice cuppa or a nice cake at Captain's Cafe in Shed Marina and enjoy the views of the unbelievable Savusavu Bay. In the past, the Kopra shed was just that, a storage facility for copies before being sent to the mill.

It has been stripped, fully refurbished and now houses several different agencies, such as Beachcomber Shipping, Pacific Sun, Air Fiji, Savusavu Yacht Club, Captain's Café, a souvenir boutique, a ship equipment business, a property agency, an online café and a tour operator named Trips n' touring. Visit also the new Wai Tui Marina, which is also very much loved by yacht ers and guests.

There are barbecues, curries and traditional folk songs. The new restaurants are the new German-Fijian Café Bula Re, which serves good meals, coffee, wine as well as online-services. In the vicinity there is a bead farming that provides instructive touring ('Trips n' Turismo in Copra Shed Marina) and the Tui Tai (a ship) that provides 3-4 days of adventurous touring.

For adventure and scuba diving fans, see Rockin' Down Under, a complete PADI operations at Wai Tui Marina..... Savusavu Shopping: You can buy Savusavu Bay reared dark beads in the city at the J. Hunter pearl fiji shop on the high street just a few metres from the Hot Springs Hotels doors.

The other very typical items to buy are weaved goods such as large rugs ("ibe" in Fijian), placemats or even wallets from Vanua Levu's own reeds, the reeds of Kithu. Collect your copy of Taka's Gift Shop at Copra Shed Marina. The Copra Shed Marina has 8 aft to quay spaces for ships up to 20 meters.

The moorings of the harbour have electric power and sea supply. Copra Shed Marinas also hosts the Captain's Cafe Restuarant, the Captains Table, the Savusavu Yacht Club, a ship chandler, an arts and crafts store and international and national flight reservation agencies. Waitui Marinas is located on the Savusavu highroad.

All visitors and crew members are entitled to a visiting memberhip. Tradeswinds Marine runs the refuelling bay and the Chandler boat. PhotographyBarefoot Island Video (Fiji) Ltd is a Savusavu-based enterprise that takes photos and video of marriages. It belongs to an US married pair (John & Diana) who have been living in Fiji for more than 4 years and who understands the associated issues.

You are very welcome to come and will be travelling all over Fiji to do the work. It is much bigger than Savusavu with about 30,000 inhabitants and completely different in the countryside. The FSC (Fiji Sugar Corporation) Club offers a wide range of outdoor sports such as playing football, playing football, and more. Missions at Natuvu Creek I tripped over the mission at Natuvu Creek on a recent voyage to Fiji.

I' m informed that they lead the Natuvu Creek Missions, a health missions linked to the Seventh-day Adventist Church, which provides all types of service to the locals - ophthalmic treatment, dentistry, etc. - and that they are also in charge of the work. From its website, the missions " is dedicated to relieving mortal pain by providing the poor in Fiji with the God's charity (Jesus Christ) by providing first-class health assistance, formation, counseling in the areas of healthy life, vocational and managerial skills and mental health enhancement, enabling them to fulfil their God-given potentials.... The missions also promote vocational skills and earning possibilities through the emergence of basic industry such as travel, the harvest of coconuts and nutrition.

The Mission is also launching projects to build a largely scholarship-based and highly educated middle and lower level college that will allow kids to remain with their family and not go to the city. Steve Arrington, former diving director of the Cousteau Society and founding member of the Dream Machine Foundation in Fiji, asked California resident Marta Tooma to head a group of Loma Linda University dentists to Fiji for the Foundation's first Fiji odontology output programme.

The Fijian Islands are extremely scenic, with restricted access to health and dentistry, especially in remote areas. Tooma themselves wanted to construct a nice, ultra-modern plant to give something back to the generously sized and friendly person they had met and loved. "In Fiji, when missions groups are leaving, they often donate their unnecessary clothes to the poor population.

And the locals gave her their best clothes, for many her only beautiful outfit. We wanted to construct a hospital not only to satisfy the essential needs of the population, but to create a world-class facility, an exquisite present to the Fiji community that reflects the flamboyance of God's dear.

" So in 2005, after many plans and innumerable wonders, the Natuvu Creek (MNC) missions began to grow. Establishments were finalized in mid-2008, when Anibal Kalbematter, M.D., and his spouse Nani, R.N., became full-time Physician Directors and Heads of Missions. The number of assignments in more and more fields of medicine is growing and the aim is to start constructing a further education college by the end of 2011.

And since 1998 and this first oral examination, tens of thousand of patients have been provided free health services by literally a hundred people. I think it is a great way to have a working holiday and a great chance for a voluntary event to present your kids in Fiji. The commitment of the volonteers I encountered was very impressive - both Volagi (guests) and Fijians working on the missions.

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