Their adventure begins at! Here you will find information about hotels, restaurants, events and attractions of VISITGUAM. Need a reason to visit Guam to visit Guam, Hawaii after returning from Asia? This is a feature about the best time to visit Guam.

It is our task to give you extensive and up-to-date information for your travel plans to Guam.

It is our task to give you extensive and up-to-date information for your Guam itinerary. Guam is known for its welcoming and welcoming atmosphere and is a tourist resort like no other. Guam is the only country with sandy stars, clear blues and world-famous sundowns. Those are just a few of the many factors why Guam has become the preferred option for thousands of visitors.

If you want to have an exciting onshore or offshore adventures, discover 4,000 years of fascinating local histories, buy the latest fashions and tastes, try our renowned chickens' kelaguos and white rices or just relax under the shade of palms, Guam is there for you. Start your adventures at!

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Proof of the US defence that began during the Second World War still remains with Andersen Air Force Base at one end of the Isle. Find out more about Guam's pivotal place in the Second World War at the Pacific War Museum and War in the Pacific National Historical Park.

It has 4,000 years of historical heritage and more than 130 places in the National Register of Historical Places. Take a 4km walk around the capitol Hågatña and visit 17 historical sight. Unwind on some of the best beach on the islands, such as Ypao Beach Park, Ritidian Point, Tumon Beach and Gun Beach.

Sleep in Tumon Bay County, which offers a range of resort, restaurant, attraction and fun activities.

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Visitor Office Guam | . Guam is known for its welcoming and welcoming atmosphere and is a tourist resort like no other. Guam is the only country with sandy stars, crystalline water and breathtaking sundowns. But if you are still not sure, here are just 10 of the many causes why have made Guam their first election for many million of them.

It is an ethnical crucible and nowhere is this more apparent than in the diversity of its cuisines. There are a few things you need to try in Guam: Guamese like to meet - it's like a nationwide pass. A number of festivities such as the Agat Mango Festival and the Malesso' Crab Festival take place throughout the year and activities such as the yearly Guam Micronesia Iceland Fair and the Guam International Music Festival attract tens of thousand visitors.

If your Guam trip lasts only a few nights, you may still be able to attend a party or activity. The best thing about Guam is that there is a beautiful sandy spot all over the country, less than 15 min away. Guam is one of the best places in the whole wide range of activities.

If you want to keep your clothes up to date with the latest fashions, get a fun filled toys or gadgets, or take a custom handcrafted gift home with you, there are literally a hundred stores in Guam where you can find all that and more. There are several large hypermarkets with prestigious US and foreign labels and luxurious stores and fashions lining the Tumon avenues.

If you want more purchases, visit the weekday nights and weekends fleas for more. And the best thing about doing business in Istanbul is the VAT. Not only the local Chamorros, but also Mikronesian, Asian and other peoples live in the city, making it a real crucible of welcoming, hospitality, laughter and story-sharing locals.

Don't be amazed if you go along the shore and someone proposes you a barbeque or a dish and initiates a chat. From the simplest dives on reefs to wrecks and more, there are many more. Register for an intro scuba adventure, go scuba with your helmeted diver or just go swimming around in a make-up and snorkelling.

Guam has a 4,000-year-old tradition that is captivating and captivating, from the Chamorro era to colonisation by Spain, from the Second World War in Japan to the reign of the United States. All over the islands there are historic sights, and each of them unravels the tale of Guam's battles, resistance and triumph. There is a number of reasons why every year tens of thousand pairs go to Guam to get wed, and it is because Guam's breathtaking scenery of nature and memorable sundowns provide the ideal setting for a wedding or honeymoon.

Awarded the Most Romantic Tour at the Hong Kong International Travel Expo for two years in a row, Guam is a lush green haven with a touch of romanticism that' s just the thing for a couple's getaway. It may be a small town, but Guam is full of adventures. Choose your favourite adrenalin taste and we have it: dipping, Jetski, paddleboarding, wind surfing, off-roading, parachuting, para-sailing, sportfishing, dolphin spotting, zip line, go-carts, gulf, walking, sling-shot - the check list of funny Guam activites goes on and on and on.

Fortunately, Guam's relaxed insular way of life can give you one or two things about relaxing. From relaxing by the pool, taking a snooze under a shadowy treetop, to indulging in a luxury spas experience, Guam has plenty of ways to find peace and quiet.

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