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Come and visit Rarotonga

T.F. Cheeseman, curator of the Auckland Institute and Museum.

The best to visit? - Regional Rarotonga Forum

The best to visit? A number of the sands are easily accessible, while others are enclosed by buildings. There are no marked walks to the beach like in New Zealand. You can easily reach Muri from the Ngatangiia sport ground next to the Muri Beach Club Hotel. Both Tikioki and Aroa in the southern part have restricted car parks off the beaten track.

At Vaimaanga, leave your car opposite the side street to the cascade and go along the water. You can reach Betela in the southwest by passing the estuary of the brook on a large sand foothills. Nikao Black Rock - Nikao has a large shaded area with off-road car parks and a cloakroom. They' re all sandbags.

Several of the north' s shores have confined sands and many coves.


VILAGE GUIDE: The first visit is the "History Hut", which speaks about old warriors' guns, Kannibalism, missionaries, the seven canoeing tours, handed-down navigational skills, legend, first government and more. Next visit is the "Marae", a holy place where the village's high chiefs gather for rituals and all questions about the town and its inhabitants.

A visit to the "witch doctor's hut" follows, where our Maori medicine is unveiled and made known. This is our time-honoured hat in which our soldiers show you the old carved instruments and give you the opportunity to play our "pies", known as the island's indigenous beaters.

Rarotonga 2018 Progressive Dinner Tour with the locals

Packaged all-inclusive accommodation at the destinations is comfortable but often makes it hard to live genuine community outcomes. The Rarotonga outside your area can be found with this dining trip. Have a three-course menu with each course serving in a different place. There is a group from the region to accompany the trip to provide a relaxed atmosphere.

Savour some of the best dishes and visit various places around the entire isle. It is a great way to get to know some of the locals and get to know the culture of Rarotonga. Enjoying the meal and all the experiences and would suggest this trip to anyone going to Rarotonga for the first tim.

This is a must if you want to learn about our country's cultural, historical and cuisine. Dinner and the entertainers were fantastic. It was such an impressive view of the daily lives of the island's inhabitants. Sitting down with native people and sharing a tasty dinner was so great!

Dining on this trip was fantastic! Love every second of this trip! Lovely folks! That'?s good stuff! A very relaxed and instructive visit to three different host family. They' re sharing a home-cooked dish with us. That was a BIG one! A group of 10? maybe more travellers came to visit 3 different host family.

Every homestay sharing their Rarotonga experiences of their lives with us, while the rider and others were playing quietly. Both our chauffeur and I believe that the company proprietor has teamed up with one of the homestay teams in a mediaeval song for our conversation. The meal was great and the visiting experiences were great.

HIGHEST recommendation! That was the culmination of my one-week visit to Rarotonga. Before we even moved on, I thought the concept was so groundbreaking and smart and the expertise itself surpassed my expectation. This was a wonderful night when some of the locals opened their houses and shared who they are and got an impression of their life, what they were eating.

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