Visit Molokai from Maui

Come and visit Molokai from Maui

Gliding over West Maui & Moloka'i - Helicopter tour with Air Maui When you are looking for the excitement of gliding over the beautiful scenery of West Maui and Moloka'i, then you will enjoy this exciting heli trip with Air Maui! Our last days in Maui, Kev and I took the opportunity to do our very first ever heliflight, and since then we couldn't stop daydreaming about the wild and quiet marine landscapes of West Maui and Moloka'i!

It must be one of the best things we've ever done in Maui. Aboard the West Maui & Moloka'i heli tour! They gave each of us a lifejacket to put on and informed us of the security precautions before boarding the heli. Above West Maui we gazed at the luxuriant Waihe'e Valley and the splendid (and less known) Wall of Tears, a number of 17 falls near the Pu'u Kukui peak.

Hawai'i's magic splendour continues as we make our way to the friendly island of Moloka'i! Visit Moloka'i's oldest municipality, H?lawa Valley on the eastern bank. Situated on the north bank of the Moloka'i for 38 miles, it is home to the world's highest ocean outcrops, which drop 3,315 ft to the Pacific Ocean.

Soon after, Captain Kirk manoeuvred the chopper so that we could take a picture of a Moloka'i North Bank picture in postcards. Situated on the south coast, the true jewel offers a 30 mile long, untouched marshland. When we returned gradually to Maui we crossed the Au'au canal between Maui, Moloka'i and Lana'i.

We had a look at the coast of K?'anapali and the bustling city L?hain? before we landed at the helipad again. This is the ideal end to our Maui holiday! When you go on a helidrive with Air Maui, I recommend: Please have your cameras and sun glasses with you! Although you cannot fly a heli in Maui, there are many possibilities on other hawaiian isles, e.g. Novictor Helicopters in Oahu!

Exclusion of liability: This article was created in cooperation with Air Maui. Like always, all reviews of For Two, Please are my own and I only endorse 100% of the work.

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