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Vatu Vara, a beautiful island, is often referred to as the "hat island" because of its unusual shape. Fiji Republic (FJ). Oakley founder James Jannard's island one of the. Plant-species PIER on the island Vatu Vara with scientific name.

Discovery of the unspoilt island of Vatuvara - Vatuvara Foundation

It is the first complete bioassay to be conducted on this isolated, almost pristine island in the South Pacific. It is a natural paradise, and the Vatuvara Foundation's amazing and amazing results have doubled its commitment to protecting this area. Vatuvara Island is the perfect embodiment of the intrigues and beauties of the South Pacific isles.

Situated in the northern part of Fiji's Lau Group, the 800 hectare island was deserted for most of mankind's population. The island for a while housed a stronghold on the 300-metre-high peak - undoubtedly a strategically important vantage point for Fijians. However, apart from a frantic effort to produce coconuts during Fiji's plantations, Vatuvara has been largely unaffected by the effects of man's work.

Adriatic marine life in Vatuvara is one of the most important natural habitats for game. Vatuvara's 300 metre high cliff. Steve Cranwell/Birdlife International Pacific. In spite of the in-depth understanding of the Fijians, virtually the only official scholarly representation of the island comes from the notable Whitney expeditions that Fiji received in 1924, including the identification of the Fiji band iguana (Brachylophus fasciatus).

It is now under the protection of Vatuvara Private Islands. BirdLife International Pacific teamed up with NatureFiji-MareqetiViti (BirdLife partner in Fiji) and the US Geological Survey of the Vatuvara Foundation in November to carry out a groundbreaking four-day study. Birdlife International Pacific, NatureFiji-MareqetiViti, US Geological Surveys and Vatuvara Foundation teams arrived in North Lau to carry out a four-day land surveying mission.

Initial focus was on the island's species, in particular the endangered lizard iguana and a serpent, the Pacific Boa (Candoia bibroni). Birgus latro (coconut crabs) were a very prominent part of the island's population. Formerly found in the Pacific and Indian Oceans, these rare, long-lived crustaceans, which can live 40-60 years, are endangered.

Today, as a delicacies, these shrimp stocks are more and more restricted to isolated, unapproachable isles or areas under shelter. The Vatuvara is an island for bird life. Nearly all were woodland species, a confirmation of the Vatuvara forest's qualities. However the Pacific rattus (Rattus exulans) was present. Three-winged, one-of-a-kind shrimp climbing a treetree in quest of food.

Steve Cranwell/Birdlife International Pacific. Any good polls ask as many a question as they reply, and something of a suprise for Vatuvara was the remarkable lack of sea birds, which can raise a number of assumptions, among them the impact that coconut crabs can have. Vilikesa Masibalavu, an birdwatcher, also noticed an uncommon phenomena among the Golden Whistlers of the island (Pachycephala vitiensis).

Whilst there is still much to discover on Vatuvara, the poll has underlined the island's vitally important importance for Fiji's biodiversity. There has been a growing endangerment of a rich variety of indigenous flora and fauna on other islets. Upcoming work will be based on this base line to track bird, crab and reptile migration and to ensure that no damaging invertebrates are established.

The Vatuvara Foundation has made a pioneering undertaking to protect an important port for Fiji's fauna by sheltering it. The island of Vatuvara is an important safer haven for Fiji's fauna. Steve Cranwell/Birdlife International Pacific. Many thanks to the Vatuvara Private Islands managers and employees for their logistic assistance and to our logistic partner US Geological Survey, Vatuvara Foundation, Vilikesa Masibalavu, NatureFiji-MareqetiViti, Alivereti Naikatini and BirdLife Int.

Pacifica for carrying out this outreach. The work would not have been possible without the financing and donations in kind of the Vatuvara Private Islands, the Vatuvara Foundation and the David and Lucile Packard Foundation.

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