Vanuatu Statistics

Vanuatu Statistics

Trade statistics from Vanuatu including exports and imports by partners and products, tariffs and relevant development indicators. Stats from the UNDP Human Development Report and the World Factbook. National Statistical Office of Vanuatu, Port Vila. Vanuatu agricultural production, consumption, supply and distribution statistics developed by the actors of the Vanuatu National Statistical System.

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Analyze: Statistics Vanuatu Cruise by ports in 2017

In the following study you can see how many vessels will be arriving in the Vanuatu harbours in 2017. Classified into three classes, the maps show how many ocean cruises are anticipated in each Vanuatu harbour, which vessels will be used in Vanuatu and which companies will have the most ocean cruises for the whole of 2017.

However, please be aware that these are informal statistics for information purposes only. The information used to identify the latest developments in the liner shipping sector is compiled from the most important routes used by the shipping companies and is liable to vary. Please refer to our sailing plans for a detailed harbour overview, where you will find all arrival time and date of our ships in a particular harbour.

In all, 213 vessels are due to enter 8 Vanuatu harbours in 2017. Twenty-one of the ten companies will operate in Vanuatu. There are 170 cruisers waiting in Vila. There are 86 cruisers waiting in Mystery Island. Fourteen cruisers are due in Luganville.

Two cruisers are due in Ambrym Island. In 2017, Efate Island, Aniwa Island, Wala, Vanuatu and Pentecost Island will each be equipped with a ferry. The P&O Cruises Australia will make 78 stopovers with 5 cruisers. It is anticipated that Royal Carribean will make 47 stopovers with 3 cruisers.

The Princess Cruises is scheduled to make 44 stopovers with 3 cruisers. The carnival line is scheduled to make 30 departures with 2 cruisers.

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