Vanuatu Port

Port of Vanuatu

The AFD is coming back to Vanuatu. A French development agency agent is in Port Vila this week. ( c) the estimated date and time of arrival in Vanuatu;. ( d) the designated port or other place where the ship will dock or call at;


The Vanuatu Port Vila Mission 2015-2018 - Home

We know that sometimes you want to worry about your child or your daughters and talk to the mission president. Please....if you have something private or intimate you would like to ask about, such as the medical condition of a missiologist or if you would like to report something at home, we ask you to e-mail your message directly to the mission chairperson and not to one of the mission office's mail.

Several senior and junior missionsaries call for the e-mail office...inbox as part of their work. It' not a good place to write personal or sensitive e-mails. E-mail from President Granger by June 30 id If the new mission president arrived on July 1 to begin his mission, he might take a different course, so it would be best to just start by sending an e-mail to the Bureau and ask for the right e-mail to start sending sensitive e-mails.

Full day Vanuatu Island Tour from Port Vila 2018

Maximize your Vanuatu travel on this full days sightseeing of Vanuatu from Port Vila. Explore the village of Iarofa and Eden, go swimming and snorkelling in the Blue Lagoon, watch the filming of the Survivor show and taste a tasty melanesic cuisine. Pick up and return from the port or your accommodation is free of charge.

Arrival at your accommodation or marina in Port Vila in good season for a 8.30 depart. On board a luxurious, air-conditioned coach to discover the islands, beginning with a trip to Iarofa Village. Celebrate an exciting introductions to the archipelago while meeting the local people and experiencing an amazing performance of folk dances and fire walks.

Drive on to Eton Vilage, where you will get an insight into some of the locals' lives and perhaps have the opportunity to attend the village's elementary schools (depending on opening hours). Walk through the town, relaxing on the sandy beach of Eton Beach or take a dip and refresh yourself in the Blue Lagoon.

Drive through Pangpang to see the huge old bankan tree before you arrive at Takara Lodge in good season for noon. Later in the day you will discover the islands rich heritage while visiting some of the World War II places and enjoying the view from Gideon's Landing. Survivor Beach, known as the setting for the TV series'Survivor Vanuatu - Islands of Fire'.

Here you can go swimming, snorkeling and enjoying the evening teas. Following an eventful excursion in Vanuatu, your trip ends at about 4.30 pm with a drop-off at your chosen destination.

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