Vanuatu Photos Pictures of Vanuatu

Pictures of Vanuatu Pictures of Vanuatu

Soutpacific - Vanuatu; Vanuatu pictures. (also known as Port Vila International Airport), which serves the capital of the Pacific island state of Vanuatu. The sand drawing from Vanuatu is an art form recognized by UNESCO as a masterpiece of the oral and immaterial heritage of mankind. Foto-Expedition to Vanuatu: Yasur & Ambrym -.

Pictures from each action day at the games with athletes from Vanuatu.

Unexpected photos show Vanuatu before and after Cyclone Pam

Surprising pictures have emerged on-line from William Dyer, a bird's perspective of Pam's devastation in Vanuatu. Wednesday, 25 March 2015, 15:20 hrs - Cyclone Pam made a passage through Vanuatu, an island in the South Pacific, at the beginning of this months. The state of exception was proclaimed for all 65 isles after Pam ruined most of the mainland.

Australian Red Cross said the island had experienced "incredible destruction" with some areas housing caving. Now there are awe-inspiring pictures of William Dyer on-line, who offers a bird's perspective of Pam's demolition. They have become virtual and have attracted the interest of thousands of people from various sources.

Mandatory reading on the subject of climatic changes in the Pacific

Warm Waters", a photographic essays by photographic journalist Vlad Sokhin on the subject of climatic changes, is the best report we have ever seen on warming-water. Sokhin' s pictures and texts catch the serious threats posed to the Pacific Island by rising ocean levels, colder temperatures, changing precipitation and severe hurricanes.

Have a look at the picture essays here and encouraging your buddies to look at them!

The EU finances Vanuatu emergencies communicators

Tens of Vanuatu islets are completely isolated from the outside after the Pam supercyclone landed this week-end. This is why the European Commission is supporting immediate aid to re-establish telecommunication throughout the entire island by financing the special Télécoms Sans Frontières agent.

The re-establishment of comunication is crucial for co-ordinated and responsive human aid, especially in regions such as Vanuatu, which includes more than 80 smaller South Pacific island communities, most of which are populated. Use of personnel and facilities will allow the various stakeholders to talk and share information in the area until the regular information service is restored.

This will also provide incalculable psychologic benefits for many unannounced family members living on different isles. From the time the Pam clone landed on 13 March 2015, cellular communications have only been re-established in the main town of Port Vila and part of the Efate area.

There are no other archipelagic isles. ECHO Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Office of the European Commission has two emergency response specialists who are taking an active part in the government's common needs-analysis. Temporary accounts of some of the island destinations that have been achieved in recent few day's show an acute need for foods, drinking fountains, health care, sanitation sets, cooking sets and bed linen.

Télécom's Sans Frontières project forms part of the EU assistance immediately after the Vanuatu catastrophe.

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