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Official languages French

It declares the national language Bislama (a pidgin English), whereby the official languages also include English and French. The Vanuatu languages and their status. The Vanuatu definition: a republic with a group of islands in the W Pacific, W of Fiji: a condominium. The book is a collaboration that focuses on the languages of Vanuatu. Official languages are Bislama, French and English.

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In my opinion, people speaking Englishspeaking often take their languages for granted. What do you mean by that? We grew up as Australians and New Zealanders with the main languages and I think we often think that the whole wide globe does the same! We are fortunate, as Englishspeakers, that no mater where we are travelling, we usually find others who know our people.

It seems to really unite the worid, and when we are travelling, it makes the unfamiliar less daunting. Discovering and acquiring new things is one of the greatest pleasures of travelling. Sometimes our trips may speak English, but as they say: "When in Rome"....... So, why not try a native tongue on your next trip?

South-pacific ports are a great place to practise your English in a new country, because you can be sure that the locals you talk to can understand English if you get into difficulties. So do you talk English? Joy travels.

Vinuatu schools linguistic policies a menace to the work of educational NGOs

Amendments to linguistic policies are part of an on-going review of the country's country-specific cuirriculum. He says that the amendments put more weight on French because of the resemblances between the other official languages of Vanuatu, Bislama and English. "If we are going to do something in French, we have to get additional funds somewhere.

No one in the organization has the ability to be fluent in French and to write something in French, so that's anotherĀ challange." Vanuatu's Live and Learn's Frankton Shadrack.

"MotherLanguageDay: Vanuatu, with 3 official #languages (#Bislama, #French & #English) sees #multiligualism as a utility for #democracy....."

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