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Vanuatu people, then and now. Official Vanuatu the Republic of Vanuatu (French: Vanuatu is now connected to Fiji by a newly installed underwater cable. Now, the people displaced by this disaster are returning to desolation. Vanuatu's biggest social calendar event is just around the corner.

Earthquakes hit Vanuatu

It was 33 kilometers south-west of Port-Vila, the company said, at a deep of 21.8 km. She was 33 kilometers south-west of Port-Vila, the agent said, at a deep of 21.8 km. The Pacific tsunami warning centre did not present a recent one.

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Earthquakes in Vanuatu today - Port Vila Forum

A magnitude 8.1 quake hit NW of Vanuatu today. This is just a wake-up call for those near the coast to watch out for tidal alarms and early warnings in the event of a tidal wave. Though there has been no tidal wave due to the severe quake, it is best to be conscious of the risks than to live a normal life at this point (Source - Pacific Tsunami Warming Centre, Hawaii 11:50 am NZ time).

Vanuatu has received a tidal wave warn. Thought of the fair folks of Vanuatu to stay secure. 12:15 Vanuatu was hit by two quakes, the first 7.8 at 11:03 (NZT) and the second 7.3 at 11:18 (NZT). See the alerts for tidal wave alerts at or another alerts center, as many areas of the Pacific are on standby, from Queensland Australia to Samoa.

I' ve been in contact with Melanesi Tour in vanilla. she said that vanilla was still vacated at 11:45 (vanilla time). everyone was okay though. The cruise liner is also in the port of Villa and everyone is fine. Now the whole worid is a little jumpy, but Villa has seen it all before and it's quite hard, as these old structures and homes testify.

Greetings from the sun, I have been living in Vanuatu for more than 3 years and the earthquake was a frequent event. The fun thing is, although we were out on the sea, the thought of a tidal wave never occurred to us. Fortunately, nothing came of the alarm, for them and all in Vanuatu.

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