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Map of Vanuatu

You can listen to the radio and search for the coordinates of the tropical cyclone to track the location of the tropical cyclone on the tracking map. Cards and data are published in the Vanuatu Map and Data Repository. Vanuatu tree cover compared to other areas. The Pacific nation of Vanuatu. dikobraziy/Getty images.

vanuatu map. Have a look at the Vanuatu map, the road map and the satellite tourist map.

Hurricane Donna meets North Vanuatu

Lastly, May 6, 2017 - Islands in the northern part of the Vanuatu range have the main burden of the effects of tropical cyclone Donna, with strong wind and floods have been reporting. However, the way of the windstorm does not seem to run south through the archipelago as initially foreseen. The Vanuatu government did not request the provision of aid at the moment of the letter.

Continuing to work with our local counterparts, we have created a number of references to help with the reaction. For Vanuatu, the hurricane is currently a serious danger and is expected to land on the North Isles on Friday 5 May before moving southwards through the group. Things have intensified as the wind moves towards the isle.

Concern has been expressed that the windstorm could cause a Class 4 windstorm which could cause significant damages and disruptions to the infrastucture. In recent years, Vanuatu has been hit by several windstorms, among them cyclones Pam and Winston, which have done considerable harm. In the last few months, the Cook tsunami hit areas of the land, driving the population to move out of their houses.

Charts and dates are published in the Vanuatu Map and Date Republic.

OpenStreetMap Team | Mapping Vanuatu Islands

Cyclone came and went from the Vanuatu Islands. Over the past few outbreaks, the host communities have grown by using images from before the catastrophe. Whilst not yet officially enabled, the application was still being developed and maped. Within less than 24 hrs, the Hotspot world has more than redoubled the amount of map information in it.

They used the available images and added them to our Task Manager to split the tile (blocks on a map). In order to assist Mapper, the church directors have prepared several Mapping Vanuatu Guide. The mapper covers the images before the catastrophe. We hope that the pictures can be refreshed in the near future after the catastrophe.

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