Vanuatu Islands List

List of Vanuatu Islands

The Rowa Islands (reef islands) Enwut (uninhabited) Lemeur. Mota Gaua (Island of Santa Maria). Mata Lava (Saddle) Ra (Island) Merig. You can book your tickets online for the most important activities in Vanuatu on TripAdvisor: Oystercatcher South Island, Haematopus finschi, Rare/Accidental.

to Vanuatu by Bill Weir.

Its name is Magaw, chieftain of the Yakel clan, who has been living in Vanuatu's Tanna Islands for hundreds of years in banyans' treehouses. In the middle of November 2014 I came to his town in search of an insular heaven with a clear sky, clear waters and everything that could be cultivated or caught.

Whilst Magaw seemed completely satisfied, I found its opposite on the Mota Lava Isle, a 90-minute soaring northwards. There, I got to know Franklin, a farmhand who paid everything for the construction of the four small straw rooftop bungalow at Mota Lava Gateway Lodge. Proudly he showed me the first swimming pool on the isle, but confused by a request of a new inmate.

and Magaw's satisfaction. If treehouses are broken into pieces, harvests are damaged, freshwater is polluted, agriculture and fisheries in the tropical regions lose all romanticism. After such a tempest, the choice to buy a patch of paradise and resell it to a designer adds a whole new level.

It' been an concerned weekend since the hurricane. Though they have weathered the tempest, the men who "have everything they need" have nothing left. Anyone who saw the show and loved Vanuatu could only add a few dollars, it would relieve so much of it.

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