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On Monday the mission started directly from Napier to Vanuatu with a complete intensive team on board. The Minister of Vanuatu wants the cooperatives to flourish again. The secret surrounds the accident involving the Vanuatu police chief's car. Pam, one of the strongest storms in history, has hit the South Pacific island of Vanuatu.

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The Guernsey Overseas Aid Commission has initially donated 10,000 to help the Pam cycle-affected people. Hurricane Vanuatu, a secluded island of more than 80 small islets about 1,750 northeast of Australia, was wasted. "Commissars were well aware of the huge effects of the Pam clone on Vanuatu, and it is estimated that more than half the local populace became homeless."

Guernsey Overseas Aid Commission is receiving an average of £200,000 a year in appeal fund. For more information about the Cyclone, click here.


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Vanuatu is promoted through several different sales outlets, as well as local news on travelling and touring. In order to keep up to date, please sign up for one of these NewsLeters of your choise. Away from the coldness of overwinters! Happy 2018 Vanuatu Tourist Awards Winner! Have a look who was elected BEST in the 2017-2018 competition in Vanuatu.

Visiting Vanuatu PM in Canberra

The Vanuatu Premier, Charlot Salwai, has made a brief stop in Canberra, amid concern over China's impact in the South Pacific. Salwai will be meeting Premier Malcolm Turnbull and opposition party chief Bill Shorten. "One of Australia's most important Pacific partner is Vanuatu," Turnbull said in a Monday declaration.

"And I look forward to pursuing our joint work to promote instability and wealth through the realisation of Australia's enhanced commitment to the area. Beijing's financing of a harbour in Vanuatu has caused a sensation in Canberra. The problem of climatic changes is also that the Pacific Islands are struggling with the rise in ocean level and the increasing incidence and severity of hurricanes and upheavals.

They will work towards a bi-lateral agreement to address common safety issues ranging from civil protection assistance to marine monitoring. Mr Turnbull said Australia would also assist Vanuatu's developing a domestic safety policy and help recruiting and training its humble policemen. Almost half a million US dollar was committed to increase Vanuatu's cybersecurity and up to 19.5 million US dollar for Vanuatu's schooling.

Mr Turnbull also said that the two nations would continue to work together to enhance worker movement. "He said, "This will enhance job prospects for Vanuatuu' s Australian workforce and help fill crucial job vacancies in Australia's countryside and sub-region.

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