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Hotel Vanuatu offers

Vilamoura Vanuatu Holiday Hotel Port Vila | Book online Vanuatu Holiday Hotel rooms at best prices. The Vanuatu Holiday Hotel | Port Vila Vanuatu Holiday Hotel is situated in Port Vila, only 15 minutes by car from Port Vila Market and Pango Point. The hotel is 12.3 km from Mele Cascades and 15 km from the Summit Gardens. Free Wi-Fi is available to keep you up and running.

Recreational facilities such as an open-air swimming bath or a look out from the back.

The hotel also offers free Wi-Fi Wi-Fi connection, a TV in a shared room and tour/ticket service. Free continuous breakfasts are provided. Types of beds are only on request and cannot be considered in the hotel if they are not available. Checking-in begins at 2 pm. An official identity document with a photograph and a debit or debit slip are necessary at check-in.

If you have specific requirements, these depend on your available check-in and may result in extra costs. We cannot guarantee that we will meet your specific requirements. Including rates in the country's own currencies directly to the hotel.

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The VANUATU is a favorite for the family, but offers something for every holiday-maker. There is a large outdoor restaurant by the lake and a large outdoor restaurant for your family and theme evenings such as BBQ and hot curries with culture entertain. Hibiskus Studios has a cuisine, a queen-size bedroom, a private terrace and a continuous breakfasts as well.

Prices are for sales and travelling until 31 March 2017. The UPGRADE to a four-star package through check-in at the Grand Hotel and Casino in a central location at the Port Vila harbour. It is only a stone's throw from the centre of Port Villa and a stone's throw from many of the area's main tourist features, such as the National Museum and the Parliament building.

If you are interested in the Vanuatu products, you can hike to the Port Vila Markets. For an idle hotel night, visit the waterfront swimming pools, Cabana Swimming Bar and Grand Casino for over-agers. There is a port room with a panoramic port of Port Vila, either singles or singles, with balconies, as well as a free of charge free of charge car park and breakfasts.

Prices are for sales and travelling until 30 June 2017. What's nice about your stay on this is that you can really escape the bustling Port Vila without having the impression that you are missin' anything. Most of the visitors here say they don't have the need to get off the islands as soon as they have checked in, with sand volley ball, bicycle rental, Jetski and canoeing.

This luxurious flat with sea front has a double bedroom and a convertible couch, fully equipped bathroom, fully equipped bathroom, fully equipped bathroom, dishwasher, kitchen, washing machine and a whirlpool on the terrace overlooking Vanuatu, plus complimentary breakfasts. Prices are for sales and travelling until 27 April 2017.

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