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Rooms / Villa / Suites The Holiday Inn in Vanuatu, formerly known as Le Meridian Hotel and Palms Casino, provides entertainment for the whole hosts as well as for those looking for a restful and romantically holiday. There is a long free activity schedule, making this place perfect for busy couple and group.

Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu is situated on the Erakor Lagoon in the city of Port Vila on the southwest shore of the major Vanuatu in the South Pacific. Vanuatu's Holiday Inn Resort usually receives very good reviews, but at the moment some of them are reflecting the major renovation projects that were carried out in mid-2011.

The best thing to do after the renovation is to review the reviews in September 2011 to get a feeling for the mood. A lot of places going through such a big operation are prone to fight a little while things are coming to an end. In order to get to Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu, you must travel to Bauerfield International Airport in Vanuatu.

There is a large selection of floor transport for the 8-kilometre drive to the centre itself.

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