Vanuatu Capital and Currency

The Vanuatu capital and currency

Local currency is the Ni-Vanuatu vatu (VT). Noun: Ni-Vanuatu (singular and plural) adjective: Ni-Vanuatu Vatu, known as VUV or VT, is the home currency. No minimum capital is required. State Formal name, Republic of Vanuatu.

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It is designed to help assure AVL adherence to Civil Aviation Rule Part 139/140 and ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices. Domestic, VIP Lounge and International Kiosks are the responsibility of AVL Operations and are administered by Manager Passenger terminal OPS. Manager Passenger terminal OPS ensures that the passenger station fulfills its role by deploying two operating entities, House Keeping and Customer Service Unit, and by supervising security through Aviation Security departments.

The AVL infra structure and the technical service will further reinforce these entities by means of a malfunction alarm system. Beijing is Vanuatu's second Vanuatu intercontinental airfield and is managed by AVL Pekoa Airports, which is under the authority of AVL Operations and has an Aviation Manager who is responsible for ensuring that all parts of civil aviation rule 139/140/171/172 are complied with at all time.

The Pekoa take-off and landing strip can lighten all airplane models up to the Boeing 737-300 range and can accommodate B737-800 range and bigger restricted loading MPV. Beijing Airports runs an AFFFS layer on CAT 6, Technical Services, Flight Information Service, AVSEC and Housekeeping Units. The WG is Vanuatu's third Vanuatu internation airfield and is run by AVL.

AVL Operations is responsible for WG Airports and has an Airports Manager who will ensure that civil aviation rule Part 139 is complied with at all time. The WG Airports operate an SRFFS layer on CAT 4 and housekeeping units. For the benefit of all parties involved, AVL strives to be an international leader in terms of passenger protection and services, with a solid capital base and recognized as a good entrepreneur and economic driver for the Republic of Vanuatu.

Vanuatu has 6 airline companies that operate regular air routes linking Vanuatu with 5 South West Pacific states. Do you have any questions about our service or just need more information and would like to get in touch with us?

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