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We're going to Oahu for six days. Oahu family vacations are what you dream of, so we've put together a list of the greatest hits to make sure everyone has fun. Picnic in Cromwell's Oahu is a great idea, because Cromwell's is a great beach. Discover a range of M?kaha, HI holiday homes, including condos, houses & more bookable online.

The high season in Hawaii can make your holiday an unforgettable experience.

Hawaii Oahu / All you need to know to make a journey

Hawaii is one of the most visited holiday resorts in the whole wide globe, and when you come to this insular haven, you will soon see why. Hawaii's third biggest of all islands is home to over 125 beautiful sandy spots, plenty of walks, the vibrant Honolulu cityscape and the famed world-class surfing scene.

Oahu has plenty to do, from cascading falls, beach and wave to night life, cunning food and grocery shops. Indulge in a surfing contest on the north coast, go Whalewatching, parachuting, snorkelling, swim in crystalline water or just relax and enjoy a Mai Tai on one of the many picturesque sands.

Our Oahu, Hawaii tour guides give you everything you need to know for a fantastic journey to this breathtaking isle. A survey of the region, meteorology, travel time, expenses, surfing in Oahu, transport, accommodation and much more. Honolulu, Hawaii's biggest town and state capitol, is a pulsating metropolis that offers everything from historic sights to delicious food and design shops.

Honolulu, Hawaii: To Hawaii, Waikiki is like the strip to Las Vegas. If you prefer the outdoors, the beach and a low key cruise, we suggest you stay somewhere else on the islands where you have easy acces to the lovely beach, walks and cool lifestyles that Oahu has to provide.

Relaxed North Shore draws windsurfers from all over the word with its 7 miles of windsurf break and traditional local countryside beats. Known as The Seven Mile Miracle, the North Shore is a legend in the windsurfing community and is home to some of the most spectacular windsurfing contests in the game.

The area is ideal for snorkelling, sun bathing and bathing on the unspoilt northern coast during the warm lull. Halfeiwa is a small, walk-in windsurfing city on the north shore with small souvenir stores, windsurfing stores and restauant. Our North Shore, Oahu travel guides have our suggestions on where to dine, sleep and game.

On the Windward Coast on the eastern side of the Isle of Hawaii you will find wonderful, luxuriant landscapes, quiet sandy shores and Kailua, Hawaii's largest city. The picturesque 30 mile Windward Coast with its many sandy shores and coves is home to some of Hawaii's most spectacular wildlife. Situated on the western side of Oahu, the Leeward Coast is a sun-drenched, arid area with no big tourist attractions, past the Ko Olina Estate (where the luxury Four Seasons Oahu and Aulani, A Disney Estate & Spa are located).

WEATHTER - Oahu has a year round hot temperate temperature, which is very near-perfect. During the coldest month - at 27 C - January and February are the best. July, August and September are the warmest seasons, averaging 31 degrees Celsius.

From a technical point of view Hawaii has only two distinct tourist periods, both hot and tropic. Summers (Apr-Oct) are the arid period, and winters (Nov-March) are the wet one. There can be rains all year round, but the winters are much more humid and windy. Some areas of the Hwaiian Islands can have frequent rainfall during the winters, but usually no more than three nights at a specific location.

In spite of the rains, the high tourism seasons fall in the winters of Hawaii and the low seasons in parts of the year. The microclimate in Hawaii means that the weather and temperatures can vary dramatically according to where you are on the islands. Every Hawaiian isle has a "lee side" (the windbreak side) and a "windward side" (the side that gets the full power of the wind).

Lee sides (west and south) are usually drier and drier, while wind sides (east and north) are generally more lush because they get more rains. Read these comprehensive instructions or this item for more information on tips. CONNECTIONS - Always look twice, but almost every room, apartment and youth residence has free Wi-Fi in your host.

In Oahu there are several T-Mobile sites. Find out about the charges for boardbags and other toplines in our Guide to Surfboard Bagsees. Oahu's best season to go is where you go and what you're looking for. If you want to sail on the north coast, for example, you should go in the autumn or overwinter month (October - April), as the north coast is shallow like a sea in it.

In the following we have compiled the different touristic periods as well as some insight into the best periods for the different areas. Whilst year round tourists are high, even Hawaii has high periods in which the price increases with the number of people. As with any holiday destinations, you will find less people and lower fares when you are travelling in low or middle-saison.

The irony is that the high summer in Oahu does not match the best weathers in Oahu. Oahu's high summer is when the wheather is really poor in other places! Oahu's high tourist rate (when rates are highest and the resort is often fully booked) is usually from mid-December to mid-March or mid-April.

During the last two December months, the last two public holiday periods are a particularly bustling (and expensive) period for travelling in Hawaii. Mid June to the end of August is also a bustling period, as the children do not go to schools and the parents take summershives. From the last weekend of April to early May, Hawaii is particularly engaged with Japan for a range of vacation in Japan named Golden Week.

Please make sure to make your reservation in advance (especially in Waikiki). In Oahu, the low seasons are in the middle of April to mid-June and the autumn (September to mid-December). When you want to go swimming, diving and enjoying the sea and sunshine on the north coast, the best season for your journey is summers.

It is also a good season for (non-surfing) North Coast family, as the waters are gentle and ideal for relaxing seaside holidays along the breathtaking Pacific. When you go to the north coast for windsurfing, autumn is a great season (October to November), especially if you are an advanced surfers.

If you are an experienced surfer and shoot at the largest waves, the largest waves will normally pass through between December and February. In general, the north coast winters will be the rainy and most windy of the year. Oahu's southern and southwestern coastlines are on the lee side of the islands, giving it the most sun all year round.

Anyway, it is a great season to go to Honolulu and the southern coast, but for the best rates, you will want to stay away from the high season described above. When you want to go surfing on your journey, the waves are in the southern part of the island during the summers (May - October), but keep in mind that if you only learn to windsurf, it is always good.

Kailua and the eastern side of Oahu (leeward side) is best visited in early autumn or late May. Whilst the year round is hot like the remainder of Oahu, this side of the Oahu gets much more rainy and windy in the wintry season. If you want to watch cetaceans, humpback cetaceans hike through Hawaii' water in the winters and springs from December to May.

Fun Facts: Hawaii is the most insulated land mass on earth. Make this one of the most popular resorts in the word and you will get a less reasonably priced holiday resort. There' s definitely still ways to get to Hawaii on a reasonable price, and we will give some advice and budgetary advice for you.

In the following we have sketched some approximate travel expenses to Hawaii on low, medium and luxurious budget. When you travel with a group, you get the most blast for your money by sharing the price of a holiday home. There are many breathtaking holiday homes on the beach, so do yourself a favour and stick with one!

surf break - riff break, sandy break, a few points and more riff-break. Oahu Isles is encircled by high class windsurfing spots. Occasionally there are holes in the coastline where you can find sandy areas, but for the most part you can expect to surf over different flat corals or flat cliffs while you surf in Oahu.

You can find an overwiev of the most famous Oahu Surfbreaks in our Oahu Surfing Spot Guides. Oahu, Hawaii provides shafts for all skill settings, from small roll shafts ideal for beginners to dual top-mounted, stomach-draining drums reserved for high-level crafts. Sailon and SWELL Info - Oahu has surfing all year round and two major regions: the North Shore and the South Shore.

Dependent on where you want to go, you will look for either mostly NW sweeps when you go to the North Shore, or SW sweeps when you go to the South Shore. Oahu's north coast comes to live around September, with the early seasons swelling up into April with the later seasons.

Autumn and winters are the high seasons from October to March. On the other side, the south coast works according to a different timetable. The NORTH SHORE SOURF SASON - October to April is the highest surfing seasons in Northhore Oahu, with the largest and knottiest surfing seasons from December to February.

Strands of North Shores, Oahu are thriving on medium to long NW swell and eastern Tradewind. Sunshore Stay Surfsason - May to October is the high seasons of South Shore Oahu. In the high seasons from July to September, well-known beginners' pauses such as Waikiki can occasionally generate dual OHW.

The surfing saison on the "Leeward"-side mostly collapses with the north side. If a large NW surge pushes the North Shore to the limit, the West Side can be much smaller, handier and funnier. And, lastly, when the winds blow ashore on the north coast, the west side could be ashore.

The windsurfing on the Windward side of the isle is mainly in winters. Windsurfing is a corner stone of Bawaiian civilization and Oahu is the destination city. There can be between 4 and 84 additional surfer according to breaks, seasons and windsurfing requirements.

TEMP OF THE WEATHER temp of the weather - Not too high, not even nearly too low, the sea temperatures in Oahu range from a chilly 72° C to a warmer 81° F (22-27° C). You will probably find yourself in board shorts or swimsuits most of the day, and will never need more than a 2mm neoprene tracksuit or a jumpsuit, according to your heat preferences.

WELL TO KNOW - In the high seasons it is not always enormous and confusing for the medium surfers. There' s no lack of nightmares about the surfers who thought it was a straightforward surf ingame, and then the waves double or triple in just 30-40 mins and they think they could be dying trying to get back on land.

You can find an overwiev of the most famous Oahu Surfbreaks in our Oahu Surfing Spot Guides. Their transport in Oahu is easy. The best way to get to Oahu is by road. Although Oahu is a relatively small place, if you want to discover on your own and/or are surfing on boards, hiring a vehicle is the right way to go.

HNL has some of the best prices in Hawaii, so just book a vehicle at the Honolulu International Park when you get there. Prices differ according to season and season, but prices (including taxes) for a whole weeks are about:: NOTICE - Although we always advise that you do not keep valuable items in your vehicle, this is especially true for Oahu.

Vehicles are also used in densely settled beaches such as Sunset Beaches on the North Shore. Be especially cautious if you park your vehicle on the far western side of the platform, behind Makaha. And, not to worry you, Oahu is a very nice place..... but unfortunately there are some minor crimes aimed at people.

While most Oahu busses reach the stations every 10 to 30 min, some busses only run once an hours on Sunday and public holidays and in less busy areas. Most of the Oahu busses on various islands run via Waikiki (Kuhio Ave), Ala Moana Mall and/or downtown Honolulu (all very near to each other).

You can definitely take the coach through the city if you plan to stay in an area like the North Shore most of the year. It' just gonna take a little more scheduling and overtime to get around. Oahu cabs are pricey, and you'll probably have to call first. Instead of phoning a taxicab, hawaiians use cabstands and cabs.

COSTS: Rates are set at $30 (without 10 to 15% tip) for a trip from the taxi service or transport to Waikiki or the city centre, about $60 for a trip from the Kailua International and about $80 for a trip from the North Shore area.

Oahu is a favourite holiday location with a variety of accommodations. What is special about the islands is that there are not many small towns like North Shore or Kailua with a lot of tourists. So, while there are many of Honolulu's numerous lodges and recreation spots (and a pair on the south-west side), on the remainder of the islands your best bet is to hire a holiday hire through Airbnb, Home Away or VRBO.

Like most things in Hawaii, the housing is not quite as well-budgeted. Oahu has many luxurious properties to offer in the luxurious range (over $150 per night). Most of the large resort are located in Honolulu, but there are also some in other parts of the islands, included on the southwestern side of the islands (Ko Olina area).

The one thing to keep in mind is that all Hotels in Oahu are adding a hefty levy, plus a nocturnal resort charge, so keep that in mind when you' re considering pricing. It' a good idea to keep an eye on your city. There are many beautiful luxurious houses to let all over the islands if you want to go on the holiday renting tour and do without accommodation.

And, in our Guide to the North Shore you will find a more detailed listing of accommodation options for the North Shore. A number of meals from the Polish and indigenous Hwaiian traditions are preserved, but contemporary Hwaiian cooking includes several types of meals that have been prepared by a variety of crops that have established themselves in Hawaii.

The Europeans and Americans came to Hawaii and launched their kitchen in the early 1700', and as the plantation of pineapples and sugar cane increased in the 1800', so did the workload. In order to cover the demands, many guest worker from China, Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Puerto Rico and Portugal came to Hawaii to import their local food and influence the area.

There are many great Oahu dining venues, from happyiian and healthful to japonese and everything in between, if your budgets allow it. The Honolulu has an inflow of trendy eateries in recent years, and while smaller areas like the North Shore and Kailua have fewer opportunities to always have tasty cuisine.

You will find a lot of Edinburgh based Edinburgh based restaurants and restaurants, especially on the north coast, where there are several Edinburgh restaurants with 5 - 10 Edinburgh restaurants in one place. In our Guide to the North Shore you will find some of our top-ratings. Spamming - Hawaii really is in spamming, so don't try it until you've tried it and try it out.

They are everywhere these days, but most likely Hawaii had them in front of your city (unless you are from Brazil). Since most groceries (and objects in general) have to be transported across the sea, groceries are on the cost side in Hawaii. You have the best groceries awards around, so it will store you from fancy groceries at most of the groceries, especially on the north shore.

When you drive to the North Shore, there is a Costco on the way from the airfield so that you can cover up on the way to your seat if the schedule is right.

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