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The Pago Pago villages in American Samoa preserve the Samoan Way, while the harbour, shopping and attractions show their urban spirit. Map of Tutuila Island Vaitele, Samoa. View a map of the affected region ". The card works on all devices, including your smartphone. samoa ports authority.

amic-American Samoa map American Samoa.

Capacities and production

Locate weather and information in American Samoa, and more. Windpotentials mirror the amount of windpower that is technically possible in a certain area. More information can be found in the US Winds Capacitance and Map of Global Capacities and Wind Vision Report.

Vocational education and project at American Samoa school. For American Samoa there are no windtraining programmes specified. We do not have a project in American Samoa. RRC for American Samoa is the Islanded Grid Resource Center.


Samoa is a group of five volcano isles and two reefs about 2,600 nautical leagues situated about 2 km southern of Hawaii in the Soutpacific. Included are the Samoan archipelago of Tutuila, Aunu' u and Rose, three Manu' a group archipelago and Swains Island in the east (Ta'u, Olosega and Ofu). C., Samoa was "discovered" by Europeans in the eighteenth c..

In the second half of the nineteenth half of the nineteenth centuries, the Samoan empire was governed by a treaty of 1899 in which Germany and the USA shared the Samoan articel. In the following year, the USA took their share - a smaller group of east facing isles, with the magnificent port of Pago Pago.

It is closely connected with the United States, with which Samoa has the largest share of its external commercial activities. Samoa's remoteness, restricted transport and disastrous cyclones are holding back governments' efforts to build a bigger and wider population. América in Samoa se compose de fünf îles volcaniques et de deux atolls coralliens.

Includes the eastern islands of Tutuila, Aunu'u and Rose, three islands (Ta'u, Olosega, Ofu) of the Manu'a Group and Swains Island. The first settlers arrived on the island as early as 1000 BC. Europäer'discovered' Samoa in the 18th century. Germany et Samoa ont divisé l'archipel. The USA occupied its part - a small group of eastern islands with the excellent port of Pago Pago Pago - the following year.

The economy is strongly interwoven with the USA, as most of American Saomaâ??s foreign trade with the USA takes place. Attempts by the government to expand the economy and design vielfältiger are hindered by the isolated location of Samoa, the beschränkten transport possibilities and the destructive hurricanes.

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