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He said that his staff shortage department has hired a single full-time detective to eradicate unlicensed cannabis. Unauthorized software is unauthorized use or distribution of copyrighted software. The use of non-approved vehicles that are not used for school programs is prohibited on the school grounds. Two Pta men arrested for possession of unlicensed firearms. STAFF unlicensed guard with air pistol provided for safety.

The unlicensed cannabis market in Los Angeles is still thriving.

angeles los - a light odour of marijuana blew out when a constant flow of clients came into a storehouse whose gates and window were barred. There are still more unlicensed pharmacies in LA County than the 150 retail pharmacies that have been outlicensed. "Sheriff's department! A congressman from Los Angeles County called" when the crew rushed through the front gate and started getting handcuffed out.

Compton 20 Cap Collective, which was attacked in Los Angeles this pastpring, is one of literally 100 clandestine boutiques in LA County, where pot is lawful for all 21 or more and merchants must have a license to use. A wide range of legalisation of the use of potassium and potassium came to California at the beginning of the year.

Right from the start there was the worry that the illegal and illegal markets that have been in existence for centuries would undermine the legitimate one. There is nowhere a greater issue than the largest legitimate domestic Cannabis store in the state: LA county. Number of unlicensed pharmacies in the shire far exceeds the number of about 150 franchised window merchants.

Legitimate marijuana stores lose consumers who can get cheaper produce at illicit points of sale that do not collect or reimburse tax, said Adam Spiker, CEO of the Southern California Coalition, a trading organisation representing marijuana breeders, retailers and pharmacy proprietors. It is an "unfair competition environment for licenced companies," Spiker said.

By April, state regulatory authorities had sent nearly 1,000 cease-and-desist letter to marijuana companies suspecting them of working illicitly. The Marijuana Business Daily magazine found that around 64% of companies are located in the greater Los Angeles area. In the last few months, the Los Angeles public prosecutor's department indicted 142 persons as part of a raid on illicit pharmacies.

LA County prides itself on the nation's biggest marshal division, but it too is far from having the power to destroy all the illicit topfields. Staff and proprietors seldom face prison, and illicit business is often resumed quickly. But the electoral process for the legalization of marijuana in California, which has been passed by the electorate, contained a clause that requires the possession of more than 28.

In other words, officials can grab shops' currency and cannabis, but white-collar workers and proprietors seldom face prison, and often quickly re-open illegal plants. "It' s a money-sucking deal, so there are those who are willing to take the risk," said Captain Holly Francisco, who runs the Sheriff's drug squad. Marihuana that is being marketed illicitly can be contaminated with illicit insecticides and other noxious poison.

He also said that approved cannabis business holders who are paying their tax should have a reasonable playfield. "Running an illicit, illicit pharmacy harms not only the entire industrial sector but also the community," Montez said. From the Compton Store, a letter above a safety windows says that buyers must be at least 18 and have a physician's referral to buy medicinal cannabis and be 21 and have a legal picture ID for something else.

Inside, white boards on dirty surfaces promoted the price of different kinds of hemp and concentrate. Big showcases contained glasses of brand-name varieties of marihuana - 28g of Purple Dragon were for sale for 160 dollars. "They think it's a legal surgery and they smoke this canabis with all these hazardous insecticides and they really kill themselves," Montez said.

A number of illicit lottery stores look so legitimately that consumers don't even recognize that they're illicit unless they find that they don't have to pay taxes. Usually, a lot of people who are looking for the best deals know that these places are invalid and go because it is less expensive. As some unlicensed stores in LA County cultivate their own crops, many are grown from unlicensed crops in the Northern California countryside that have long been an important resource for all U.S. canabis.

Lake County, about 125 leagues (201 kilometers) northern of San Francisco, is home to many such crops due to its geography, which allows growers to conceal large farms. As the LA County Sheriff's Department, Lake County is lacking the labor to put much of a dip into illicit operation. Deputy patrols on the grounds and in choppers, and last year they wrecked about 250,000 establishments and detained 46 men for illegal growth, Sheriff Brian Martin said.

He said that his staff shortage division has hired a sole full-time investigator to eradicate unlicensed canabis.

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