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auto has three locations around auckland. New Zealand's largest and highest ranking university offers incredible access to the city of Auckland and the rest of the country. Find out about the academic offerings at all New Zealand universities to see if the University of Auckland is the right partner institution for you. University of Auckland has, for more than a century. School of Medicine and Health Sciences.

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University of Auckland is New Zealand's highest ranking university. Of the 42,000 undergraduates at the university, 6,000 are from over 110 nationalities. Formally agreed with 155 colleges in 34 different jurisdictions, we are the only New Zealand member of Universitas 21, the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) and the Association of Pacific Rim Unions.

Situated in the port of Auckland, New Zealand's commercial and culture centre, the university offers simple accessibility to breathtaking sandy and rainforest areas. In the Mercer Quality of Living Survey 2015, Auckland was voted third out of 230 towns. There are five major campsites, the biggest of which is in Auckland' s busy culture and commercial centre.

With more than 120 different basic courses and 130 post-graduate courses at eight departments and two major research institutions, the University of Auckland provides an amazing array of courses. As part of a New Zealand government programme, new doctoral candidates generally have the same academic fee as New Zealand undergraduates.

Research-Oriented TeachingWith the highest number of top scientists in the state, the latest research results will determine how they teach and learn, allowing the student to profit from this first-class research reputation. 3. We are the only New Zealand university to have both technical, health and medicine departments. As a result, groundbreaking cooperation between scientists in medicine and technology was made possible and the founding of the bioengineering institute, which is renowned worldwide for its advanced computer modeling of live animals.

Providing comprehensive student assistance, which includes academics, housing, scholarships, counseling, sports and recreational opportunities, and many activities on Campus. University of Auckland has over 6,000 graduate and graduate employees, making us one of New Zealand's biggest employer. At Auckland, we strive to be a fair, integrative and first-class workplace that offers our current and future employees a high-quality working atmosphere at our four major sites in Auckland.

The core of our organization is our outstanding employees - both academics and professionals - who are committed to the university' s and their students' wellbeing. With the help of teachers, scientists and professionals, we provide great careers to move forward in your selected area and to move towards excellence. Explore our latest job openings for academics and professionals and learn more about the growth potential and advantages you can expect.

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