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USA and Hawaii Map

The Hawaii Maps page provides a complete overview of the maps of the Hawaii region, USA. State of Hawaii Map (USA) This is Hawaii (state), the only insular state and most southern state in the United States. The state of Hawaii is made up of the islands of Hawaii and several other independent geographic areas near the centre of the North Pacific. There are eight major isles and 124 isles, cliffs and shallows. Honolulu, the capitol and biggest town of Hawaii, is about 3,900 km away from the west shore of the American continent.

Aloha State, as Hawaii was formally called when it became the Fiftieth State of the Union on 21 August 1959, takes up an area of almost entirely vulcanic soils. Hawaii's varied landscape also encompasses peaks that rise to over 4,000 metres above sealevel, large sections with sparse bedding of oxbow lakes, gold sandy shores with palms, beautiful rocks and colourful channels, thick rainforests and dry spiny bushland, and a multicoloured patching of fields and wood.

Inhabited by Polynesians more than 1,000 years ago, the hawaiian archipelago probably remains largely uncharted beyond Polynesia until Captain James Cook arrived in 1778. It was called the Sandwich Isles in honour of its benefactor John Montagu, the 4th Count of Sandwich. 1796 King Kamehameha I. united the Isles to a unique independant empire.

Hawaii's emperor was ousted in 1893, and Hawaii gradually became a Republic in 1894, a US property in 1898 and a US territorial area in 1900. In the last half of the nineteenth decade Hawaii established a vegetable farm using sugars and later pineapple for exports.

Hawaiian is a name of the state and is a Polish term of unknown significance. The name was expanded to the whole arcipelago in the nineteenth c...

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1778 Captain James Cook became the first known Europeans who went to the Hawaiian isles. His name was the Sandwich Island, after the Earl of Sandwich. For about 100 years, Polish monarchs and a king made Hawaii the only state ever to be an autonomous monarch.

Hawaii takes its name from the Isle of Hawaii, one of the eight large Isles. A number of folks believe that the name of the archipelago comes from Hawaii Loa, the Polynesian who found the area. Others think the name comes from Hawaiki, the ancient name of the Polynesian inhabited isles.

Hawaii's moniker is "Aloha State". Hawaii is HI. Hawaii, a Pacific state, is situated in the Pacific Ocean 2,100 leagues south-west of the United States. This is the only state that is not on the North American continents and the only state that consists exclusively of isles.

It consists of 132 archipelagos, eight of which are regarded as large islets. Much of Hawaii is located in the south of the country, almost exclusively in the tropical regions. In 1959 Hawaii became the fiftieth state. The Honolulu is the state' s capitol and the biggest town. Volcanos that grew from the bottom of the sea were the Hawaiian islets.

Today there are both large and small volcanos in Hawaii. The Mauna Loa, the biggest live lava on earth, is situated on the Hawaii islands. Throughout Hawaii, the country has the most varied nationalities. The majority of the state's people are of Asiatic origin, but there are also Japanese, Filipino, Polynesian, Chinese, Georgian and Caucasian.

Hawaii is in fact the only state that is not ruled by Americans of Western ancestry. Nearly all inhabitants of the state reside on seven of the eight large isles and 75 per cent of the inhabitants are on Oahu Isle. The Maui is another of the big isles. Since 1972 the tourist sector has been the most important in the country.

The country's other important economic sector is processed foods, the country's main production area. Much of Hawaii is a global manufacturer of pineapple, which is abundant in the state. The military institutions have also generated a large part of the state revenue. The Pearl Harbor Navy Base, the centre of the US maritime powers in the Pacific Ocean, is situated in Hawaii on the Isle of Oahu.

On December 7, 1941, the Japanese launch a surprising assault on Pearl Harbor and forced the United States into World War II. Known as the "Paradise of the Pacific" for its tropical flora, beach with palms, lovely hills, stunning rocks and gorges, dense rain forests, dark blues and magnificent creeks.

There are limestones from the old reindeer that were formed when the water was higher than today, and extensive fields of rock outcrops. The Hawaiian Peninsula is known for its comfortable weather, which is produced by cold Pacific breezes. Hawaii has also become a popular destination for tourists, thanks to all the things that make it a haven.

It is a favourite destination for visitors because of Polish traditions such as tiki dance and luaus, an open-air festival with pork roasts as the entré. A lot of folks go to Hawaii to see the world's best surfer at the International Surf Championships on Oahu Island.

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