The Tzeentch is one of the four great Chaos gods (the other three are Nurgle, Slaanesh and Khorne). That listing is for an unassembled resin Tzeentch Lord of Change, which I recently acquired in a large chaos army trade at a local store. The three Tzeentch Screamers are complexly structured, flat models. Their eyes, horns, combs and teeth, grizzly mice and fangs are numerous. Flames of Tzeentch.

No wonder that the flames of Tzeentch are especially at home in the fiery fjords and spoiled islands of the Magmara Sea.

Taking It To 2000 pts: Demons of Tzeentch

Let's improve our armies lists and our tactic by increasing a Tzeentch force we have previously assembled from 1000 points to 2000 points. We will then be adding a Blazing Chariot with Herald as general to make the Blazing Chariots of Tzeentch a Battleline game. Eventually, we will be adding a full Tzaangor squad for some close combat kindness in this military.

Bravery 5, 2ounds. You have 3 different close combat attacks: Wild 2 strike 4+ and wounded for 1 strike. Wild Greatblade with 1 assault, hit and wound on a 4+, with -1 yield for 2 damages. Then, with 1 assault, it strikes a 4+, wounded a 5+, for 1 dam.

When they are equipped with a Wild Blade and a shield, this cut is ignored before a cut or deadly cut is assigned on a 6+. As they are in battle within 9 inch of an Arcanite hero, they can throw in 1 to all wrapped reels. You will also receive a bonuses assault for all 9 units (up to 3 bonuses).

This squad leaders add 1 to the dice, the Brayhorn lets you run and attack, one in five is a 3 attack mute. Eventually, the Icon Bears let you select an opposing squad within 18 inch and throw a dice for each sorcerer within 9 inch, on a 4+ that will take a deadly sore.

Exercise 14 (fly), save 5+, bravery 10, 8 sores. It has either a 2 strike 4+ for 1 strike, or a 2 inch stick, 1 strike 4+ injury 3+, with -1 return 3d. Then, the mount has 6 assaults on a 4+, wounded on a 3+, for 1 hit (D3 if monster).

By the way, his one-of-a-kind magic is named Tzeench's Firestorm and goes for a 9 when all opposing troops take deadly hits within 9 inch on a 4+ D3. Eventually you choose a device that will fly over, and on a 4 or more it will suffer a D3 fatal sore.

This will leave you 350 points to put some firepower on this shortlist by including an Ogroid Thaumaturge and a Flames squad in this team. Shift six, save five plus eight bravery eight wounds. It has three close combat assaults, the first being its baton, which has a 2 inch reach, 2 strikes that hit a 3+, a wound on a 3+, with -1 yield for D3 Damage.

Then, its auricles with 1 assault, striking and hurting on a 3+, with -2-rending for 3 damages. The last offensive is Hoofs wounded to 3+ on 4+ for 1 dam. It will heal a healing in your character stage, and if it has 5 or more hits, include 1 to all scoring roles, but remove 1 from the throwing roles.

It distributes D3 fatal injuries to a single device within 1 in. of a load. After all, its one-of-a-kind 7.18-inch Fireblast magic treats 7.18-inch deadly injuries. You can create a terror squad corresponding to the number of deadly sores it causes, but that will cost points, so I wouldn't suggest it.

Flames of Tzeentch: {\a6}move 9 (fly), save 5+, 10 bravery, 2 sores. You have a rocket assault that has 3 strikes that hit a 4+, hits a 3+, for D3 harm. Your dogfight assault consists of 2 strikes that hit a 5+ and a 3+ for 1 dam. When they do harm with their shot at the end of the firing stage, they throw D3 for every injured squad, on a throw of 1 they cure D3 injuries, on a throw of 2-3 nothing happens, and on a throw of 4+ they take D3 deadly injuries.

When any of the units kill a model and you throw a 6 dice within 9 inch of a Tzeentch Daemon Hero, they will return to the place of the one that was murdered on a 6 2. Eventually, the commander has four rocket assaults. The Lord of Change should have the staff of sorcery and your heralds of Tzeentch should have a staff of change.

A squad of 30 Tzaangors will have 12 Greatblades, 6 Tzaangor Mutants, 1 Icon Bearer, 1 Brayhorn, 1 Twist Bray and then 9 Tzaangors with Shields and Savage Blades. To your Lord of Change, I would give him Tzeench's bolt for two high damaging spells. All right. Chariot's heart should receive the Arcane Transform to cast turn 1 on the Ogroid when no one is in reach for its Warlock.

There will be the Ogroid Thaumaturge and Tzaangors, the Lord of Change, Flamers of Tzeentch and Pink Horrors and the Chariots, Herald on Disc and Screamers. This first section is your heavily slamming hand-to-hand combat boy, who generally wants to be the centre of your troop.

Tzaangors should have Mystic Shield on them, which gives them 4+ security because you want to receive these bonuses on them. You can just about anything seriously 30 model with 4-5 assaults, each add 1 to their injury rolle. At your second section you have your long-range fight loss dealer, 30 rose frights are a bunch of die-roll, along with the rocket gun of the Lord of Change, followed by the flaming onslaught.

You can quickly attach the aura of mutability through low armour goals and they are all 1. again taxiing wounds roles. Your last section are the unbelievably quick troops that can do harm in reach as they win goals from round 1. But you' re going to want to keep these boys out of the fight, and if they withdraw in close quarters with them as soon as possible.

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