Two Main Islands of Fiji

Fiji's two main islands

Cioa is a runaway from Vanua Levu, one of Fiji's two main islands. The Matava and Papageno Resort Fiji are two of the favourites. Volunteers also have to make two Billi-Billi rides. One or two waterfalls, maybe. Emigration from Fiji has had two main characteristics since the coups.

For two nights. The best airport near the city? - The Forum Fiji

The best island near the airport? Now that we have changed our plan a few time, it looks like we are going to stop in Fiji for 2 evenings, almost 2 whole day (we arrive at 6:40 pm and depart two evenings later at 10 pm). I' ve been reading a great deal and it seems like going out to an island is the best place for nice sands.

Which islands are the best for one or two nights near the International Airfield (Nadi)? Are there any good suggestions for resort and/or hotel accommodation on these islands? The best means of transport to the islands? The best island near the airports? It is the islands (i.e. the Mamanuca group) that are nearest to the airports.

There are 3 wonderful snorkeling spots on Mana Island, and as the island is very large, there is a lot of space for exploring and hiking. Back to Nadi the last boat will arrive at 6 pm. The best island near the airport? We' d like to spend less than $150 per overnight, hopefully more.

The best island near the airport? The best island near the airport?

Fiji, a mystery of breathtaking islands gems.

Fiji, a mystery of breathtaking islands gems. Fiji is a country with untouched traditions, cultures and courtesy, and it has a multitude of islands surrounded by sandy whitewashed shores and glittering lakes. Featuring over 320 islands, this South Pacific country, which enjoys the sun all year round, has quickly become the luxurious tourist attraction of the year.

Soak up the attractions and sound of the two main islands of the land, Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, or discover your own piece of paradise on one of Fiji's many pristine islands. Relax and sunbathe on isolated shores and snorkel with stingrays as you drive around the Yasawas, or drive through the busy resort and isolated hiding places of the Mamanucas.

Lose yourself on the long, sluggish shores of Viti Levu's distinctive Coral Coast or enjoy world-class wind surfing in the little paradise of Nananu-I-Ra. Fiji really offers the ultimative luxurious life with a variety of thrilling real estate choices, from remote seaside residences to course residences. In 1643 the Netherlandish discoverer Abel Tasman came to Fiji in search of the Great Southern Continent (later Australia).

The Europeans have been settling in Fiji since the mid-19th centuries, among them beach goers, misionaries, fishermen and merchants of sandal wood. The British were governed by the Commonwealth for almost a hundred years and in 1970 they gave Fiji autonomy. Encircled by the sea of sapphires and seaweed, the islands of Fiji provide the ultimate flight and an unmatched luxurious lifew.

Soak up Fiji civilization by exploring a nearby hamlet and savour the many cuisines of the land, among them the fresest exotic fruits and meals prepared in a love or mine fire. Diving, swimming, snorkelling, sailing or cruising - the islands of Fiji are encircled by some of the most scenic blue oceans in the whole wide globe, ideal for a variety of aquatic pursuits.

Explore Colo-i-Suva Forest Park, a luxuriant rain forest haven full of melodious birds and exotic wildlife, just outside the capitol Suva. Enjoy the sunny days on blank sands under the shimmering palm trees on the Mamanucas - a group of about 20 islands that really are the twinkling gems in Fiji's apex.

Cristal -clear, hot waters and a variety of rainbow-coloured Fiji fishing make Fiji a world-class dive for you. The Fiji region has a number of high standard classes and establishments suitable for everyone from first-time to champions. Fiji is a golf paradise with over a decade of beautiful golf links dotted across several of its unspoilt islands.

Discover pristine sandy beaches, swimming in blue oceans and lakes and visiting a small town to get an insight into the lives of Fijians. The Fiji Islands offer some of the most luxury and memorable cruising experiences in the whole canal. There are over 320 islands in Fiji, many of which are uninhabited.

87 % of the inhabitants live on the two largest islands Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. Though Fiji is made up of both indigenous Fijians and Indians, it is an English-speaking state. However, the Fiji natives have their own dialect, but all resort, restaurant and business employees are fluent in English.

We have both an Anglophone and a local versions of the Swiss flag. Fiji's weather is tropic and hot all year round with minimum extreme temperatures.

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