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Situated 15 minutes on foot from the American Samoa National Park and 9.7 leagues from Pago Pago International Airport. Situated 15 minutes on foot from the American Samoa National Park and 9.7 leagues from Pago Pago International Airport. Turtle & Shark Lodge is situated in Pago Pago, only 15 minutes by car from Pago Pago International Airport and has its own private beach, indoor court and private beach.

Visitors to the resort have easy acces to a multitude of open-air pursuits such as angling, snorkelling and walking. The Tessarea Vaitogi Guesthouse provides a pleasant environment in Pago Pago. The hostel is perfectly located near Pago Pago International Park, which is only 10 minutes away by road. 13 well-equipped rooms and a host of facilities make for a pleasant sojourn.

The Pago Airport lnn provides a cozy atmosphere that is tailored to the needs of every visitor. Situation: This lodging is situated in Pago Pago. Situation: This lodging is situated in Pago Pago. Read more about Pago Pago . The Pago Pago is the regional capitol of American Samoa.

There are flights to the town from Pago Pago International Airport. It' on Tutuila Isle.

United States Samoa travel information, alerts and hotels

Samoa is an island group in the South Pacific, about half way between Hawaii and New Zealand and about 100 km eastwards of the neighbouring Samoa, which is part of the same island group and the same people. Samoa is an unregistered area of the United States of America.

Americans of Samoa are US and not US but they are free to move between Samoa and onshore. It is possible that the particular nature of Samoa as an uncorporated area has interesting regulatory implications. US Constitution is not necessarily the country's highest act in Samoa, and Saoan culture standards, especially those relating to the possession of wealth and the display of religious publicity, actually outdo certain well-agreed US constitutions in Samoa.

Its capital is Pago Pago and the smaller Fagatogo is the constitutional state. Our Governor's offices are in Utulei on the opposite side of Fagatogo by Pago Pago. They are often called Samoa, which is the name of a distinct islet, and an autonomous land formerly known as Western Samoa, about 100 km western of American Samoa.

The entire archipelago, Samoa included, is often referred to as the Samoan isles. Already 1000 BC inhabited by Polish sailors, Samoa was discovered by Europeans in the 18. Centuries. It was a small group of east coast isles with the outstanding port of Pago Pago the following year.

Samoa is hot, moist and windy all year round, but there is a long, damp and dry winter period (October-May) and a slightly colder and dryer one ( June-September). The yearly precipitation is 125 inch at Tafuna and more than 200 inch in the mountains. These rainstorms gave the name to the English author Somerset Maugham for his brief novel "Rain" in Pago Pago, which was later transformed into a theatre and film.

The archipelago has 90% of its territory under municipal ownership. US money transfer also contributes significantly to America's prosperity. At the beginning of the twentieth century the Samoa Mau US Marine oppressed the US Samoa mob. And the Governor of Samoa is the Prime Minister and executor.

Samoa is an unconsolidated and disorganized area of the United States managed by the Office of Insular Affairs, U.S. Department of the Interior. Both in American Samoa and in (independent) Samoa there is a traditionally rural system of politics shared by all Samoa islands, the "fa'amatai" and the "fa'asamoa" interact across the present world.

Amerikanisch-Samoa, Level 1, Suite #200, Haleck Center (Corner Ottoville Rd & Ili'ili Rd, Ottoville, Pago Pago), ? Samoa is outside US migration and customs-justice. Any visitor (except US residents and greenhouse cardholders ) to Samoa requires a 6-month minimum U.S. Samoa travel document, a round-trip or connecting flight and sufficient money to finance their sojourn.

In order to receive an "OK to board", travellers must e-mail a copy of their passports (valid for at least 6 month after scheduled departures from American Samoa) and a copy of their round-trip tickets to the Prosecutor General's Office of American Samoa at least 48 hrs before depart.

For all other foreign nationals wishing to travel to Samoa for corporate or leisure purposes, they must obtain an entrance permit. The Polynesian Airlines flight to Pago Pago from Maota Airfield (MXS IATA) on the Savaii Islands in (independent) Samoa. Coming from Faleolo IATA ( "APW IATA") in Samoa (independent), Inter Iceland Airways flies to Pago Pago and Ta'?? Fitiuta IATA.

In 2011, the company has already indicated that it will commence services from American Samoa to Tonga and Fiji. The Faleolo Internacional Airporte (APW IATA) also acts as an internacional gate to the area. It is located 40 km from Apia, the Samoa city. Samoan Airlines and Polynesian Airways operate samoan services on a day-to-day basis.

Situated in the west part of the Samoan arcipelago. Faleolo Airfield in Samoa has other major airports such as Air New Zealand to Auckland in New Zealand, Fiji Airways to Honolulu USA and Nadi in Fiji, Inter Island Airways to Ofu, Pago Pago, Tau in American Samoa, Polynesian Airlines to Maota in Samoa and Pago Pago Pago in American Samoa, Tongatapu in Tonga, Polynesian Blue (operated by Pacific Blue) to Auckland in New Zealand, Brisbane and Sydney in Australia.

There are 2 companies offering regular departures between Pago Pago and Apia, Samoa. Tutuila has the Pago Pago Port. IISA is the only carrier to offer day-to-day internal connections between Pago Pago and Manu'a Tau Isle. Flying between Pago Pago and the Manu'a Islands takes about 30-40 minutes.

As a rule, Inter Iceland Airways will supplement its services as required. INTERISLANVACATION interislanvacation offers reservation and booking on InterISLANDA AIRWAYS flight. The Fitiuta International Aerodrome (FTI IATA), (FAA LID: FAQ), 975 x 23 meters (3.200 x 75 ft) is a community aerodrome in the town of Fiti'uta in the north-east of the Ta'?

Between Fitiuta International Airports on the Isle of Ta'? and Apia (Faleolo International Airports (APW IATA) in (independent) Samoa. After arriving at Ta'u International Airports, local people will be available by boat to take you to the Ofu and Octosega isles. The Ofu International Aerodrome (OFU IATA) has a state-owned aerodrome 2 km south-east of the town of Ofu on the Isle of Ofu, which is currently not serviced by a merchant carrier.

The Tau Aiport ( "TAV IATA") 661 x 30 meters (2,170 x 100 ft) is a privatly used airfield 2 km south-east of the town Ta'? in the north-western edge of the Ta'? Usually it is not used in regular service. There is no international airfield on Rose and Swains.

There are several types of rent a vehicle at or near Tutuila International Park. In Tutuila there are taxi services at the airports and near the markets in Fagatogo. Tutuila has good means of transport (frequent but unscheduled) with "aiga" or "family" coaches. You can cruise around Pago Pago harbour and to the more distant parts of the isle for 50 Cent per CD.

The busses start and end at the Fagatogo square, the small town near Pago Pago. There is a one-week cruise from Pago Pago to the Manu'a Islands run by the state. It will circumnavigate Tutuila and visit the northern coastal towns of Afono, Vatia and Fagasa. Its mother tongue is Samoan, a Polish mother tongue related to those of Hawaii and other Pacific islands.

A high minisland is situated about 275 meters (900 ft) outside the sea, called a fatty ma futi or flowerpot. Tisa`s Barefoot Bar & Grill at the north end of the isle. Samoa uses the US Dollars ("$, ISO-No. Currency: USD). In American Samoa there are many local stores and newsstands selling everything from handcrafted clothes to handcrafted wood-arms.

There is a large selection of dining options in the city - from well-known snack bars to the finest cuisine. There is much less diversity on the external isles. There is a large selection of cuisine available in American, China, Japan, Italy and Polynesia. Accommodation in hotels is available on the major isles, but not in Olosega, Swains or Rose (uninhabited).

Samoa has few hazards to the normal human being. There is a limit to the amount of healthcare available and there are none on the Manu'a Isles. LBJ Tropical is located on Tutuila in Faga'alu town. Because of E. humus infection, in many areas of Tutuila it is not a safe place to drink or dishwash.

Ask the AESA for more information or bottle-wash. Samoa has a low rate of criminality, although it is best to remain where the masses of people are on the sands. With the exception of perhaps a few thousand people, almost all the residents of Samoa are Samoan Indians of Polish descent.

The Samoan way or fa'asamoa is still deep rooted in the Samoa civilization. Samoa uses the U.S. Postal Service with the postal number 96799 and a country prefix of "AS". Porto between Hawaii, Samoa, the Americas, the mainland as well as foreign army and foreign diplomacy (APO, FPO, DPO addresses) is calculated at the same rate as within a particular country or between the Samoa United States.

The American Samoa area code is 684.

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