The Tutuila synonyms, Tutuila pronunciation, Tutuila translation, English dictionary definition of Tutuila. The largest part of the western end of Tutuila is occupied by the rainforest-covered mountains that line the north coast. Toutuila Definition, the largest of the islands of American Samoa: excellent port in Pago Pago. The analysis of LiDAR images for Tutuila, American S?moa, confirms a comprehensive change in the interior landscape.

Queen Manu a Tutuila's state is a colossal, ecologically stunning nation known for its total lack of social assistance.


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Places of interest in Tutuila

Whilst the Pago Pago area is as gravelly as it is - two canned fish factories, a vast working port and roads bordered by dilapidated structures - the town has a dreamlike, paradisiacal flair with its impressive marina, whitish sandy shores and the scenery of splendid geometrical crests. It is an inappropriate combo, but somehow it works and gives Pago Pago a singular and explorable allure.

Pago Pago Pago is a series of technical towns. Pago Pago Pago" (pronounced pung-o pung-o pung-o) is used to describe the small town on the other end of the port, the port itself, the "city", the whole of Tutuila or even the whole of Samoa.

The Fagatogo administration center contains the Fono, a large, case-shaped structure that hosts the Senate and House of Representatives of American Samoa. The largest part of the west end of Tutuila is occupied by the rainforest-covered hills that line the north-coastline. As soon as you have passed Leone, there are a number of beautiful towns that line beautiful sands.

Bottlenecks have given way to chunky blockhouses, otherwise the small towns have clung to the coast as they have for hundreds of years. Over 140 striking hills of stones or earth from the later prehistory have been found all over the Samoan articel. The buildings called constellations have a length of 6 to 30 metres, are up to 3 metres high and have from their bases one to eleven radial outcrops.

There are forty hills of stars found in eastern Tutuila on the Amouli-Aoa highway (though not yet excavated). One of the famous theories about the Stars hells is that they were used for dovecote, an important chieftain's game. Archeologists also believe that the hills of the stars mirror the positions of the matais ( "family group leaders") and the concept of manas ("supernatural power").

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