Tuamotu Islands of French Polynesia

Touamotu Islands of French Polynesia

The diving in French Polynesia is determined by the sharks and manta rays, which one finds in abundance on diving safaris. How late is it in Tuamotu Archipelago, French Polynesia? I had heard a lot about us diving in White Valley, a shark dive off Tahiti. Tuamotus or the Tuamotu Archipelago (French: Îles Tuamotu, official archipelago of Tuamotu) are a chain of islands and atolls in French Polynesia. Puka Puka, is a small coral atoll in the northeastern Tuamotu archipelago, which sometimes belongs to the disappointment islands.

Encrustation in society and the Tuamotu Islands, French Polynesia | Geophysical Journal International

Presenting a seismographic survey of the crusty topography of Tahiti (Society Islands), Rangiroa (Tuamotu Islands) and adjacent areas. Recordings from a sequence of 96 blasts at the short-term terminals of the Polynesian seismic network provide a set of refracting data from which we obtain the crusts. Tahitian seabed is 70 myr old and has a 8.8 km thick seabed with 3 7.64-8.25 km s-1 discontinuities at Mohorovi?i? (Moho).

The Tuamotu plains, on the other side, have a very thick rust, 31 km below the seabed, with a 6.83-8.10 km s-1 drop at the Moho. Additionally, the Rangiroa tunnel itself has a 2 km thick stratum of slower materials (3.3 km s-1), which we interprete as lime stone; similar textures were described in Enewetak and Bikini.

In addition, we are using the short-time Rangiroa and Tahiti sea bed sea bed array to restore the slow ness vector and thus the propagation properties of 15-40 s ray leigh wave data captured from teleeseismic event. Within the Society Islands, there is a distribution of RAYLEIGHTS among the islands and it is interoperable with the released oceanographic model of reasonable years. Also for the Rangiroa Hao route along the Tuamotu plain we use long-term recordings in the 20 to 90 second area.

Rangiroa Hao is more slowly than before in neighboring ocean areas and is tolerated with a 22-30 km thick encrust under the Tuamotu flat. The spread under Rangiroa is even more slow and demands a thickened ( ( km) marshland. ) marshland. All crusts of default thicknesses can be excluded as they lead to inacceptably low (< 3 km s-1) crusty Samples.

The results are similar to those for Island-Fær? and Walvis Ridges and show that the Tuamotus were created in accordance with their very faint geoidsignature on the back. Crust and the upper mantle of the Pacific, Geophys. Bull. Geole. Bull. Geole. Bull. Geole. Bull. Geole.

US Geol.

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