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Kadavu Island, Kandavu, Fiji - Excellent location - Show map. Yakuve Island Site, Kadavu, FJ . Take advantage of STAYINTL and get a discount on your Kadavu Island hotel booking. Kadavu Diving, Matana Beach Resort, Vunisea, Fiji. A small and friendly beach and dive resort on Kadavu Island, Fiji.

Which is the best and most cheapest way to.....

Which is the best and least expensive way to get to this beach house from the Aiport? Are you sure there's an Ola-uber cab? There is a pre-paid taxicab available from the nearest airports, which should cost about 500 - 700 cents. There are no books in Calicut. When I returned to the airfield from my stay at one of the resorts, I got a ricks and it took 250rds.

Really just before Resort, there is a child of self standing and you can get a car to the town as well from there. Unless I am wrong, there is a prepaid taxi and Ola is available at the Aiport.

Can we run from the chalet to the shore and back or do we need a vehicle to get there?

Can we run from the chalet to the shore and back or do we need a vehicle to get there? Do the men need a flotilla for angling or do they need a leader at the chalet? readitsee..... It is only one minutes drive from the shelters.

There is a skipper and you will depart directly from the shore with a skipper and a first officer from the area.

Hello, are the lunches part of the reservation?

Hello, are the lunches part of the reservation? Food is contained in the packet. The lunch is served in our hostel or on your outings. Dinner will take place in the townhouse. We' re very proud of all our food. The cooks of our international kitchens cook dishes from all over the world.

You can choose from five to seven course dinners, ranging from French to Moroccan.

Kandavu Matava Resort - Update in 2018

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