Trip to Lanai from Maui

Excursion from Maui to Lanai

Prospective wife and I want to take a day trip from Maui to Lanai. We' ve looked at one of the catamaran trips for Lanai, but we decide to take the ferry to Lanai and then go to the beach of Hulopoe. There is only one thing we can really do. Aboard a snorkel cruise and drive from Kaanapali to remote snorkel spots off Lanai! Their half-day adventure begins aboard Kaulana, the largest, safest and most stable catamaran in Maui.

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We' re very happy about our forthcoming trip to Maui in April. Us (husband, 7 year old girl, my in-laws and I) will be at Honua Kai for 10 afternoons. While we had the last 2 evenings at the Grand Wailea for my swimming Pool resident subsidiary, we chose to skimp on the $ and just sit outside and take in the HK and the sands.

We' re looking forward to relax and do nothing, snorkel, take the Hana Strait to see the places my man and I were missing when we did the RTH on our flitter, Haleakala at daytime (maybe sunset?), and drive to Lanai. We' ve chosen to do the Lanai Trilogie after we' ve read all the critics, it seems to be the best thing for us.

But I wonder if there are any more I want to see on Lanai and if we should make another trip there besides the trialogy touring?

Snorkel Cruise Maui to Lanai (from Kaanapali Beach), Maui Excursions & Tours, great things to do in Maui

Snorkelling on a snorkelling boat from Kaanapali to distant snorkelling areas off Lanai! Snorkelling gear and briefing are provided. Seven-hour snorkelling holiday on the lovely water off Maui and Lanai with a full days snorkelling game! Notice: This trip is only possible from June to November.

This trip will include three great snorkel spots. Four hours of snorkelling on Lanai Isle! This trip will include stopovers at two great snorkel spots. Exhausted people are not allowed to take part in this activities. Patients with cardiac and circulatory problems are not allowed to take part in this exercise.

People who are with child are not allowed to take part in this activities. We do not allow visitors with back, shoulder or articular disorders to take part in this exercise. It is not suitable for wheelchairs. When there are less than 10 students in the group, the activities may not be carried out. Any age group can take part in this activities.

Activities may be changed or cancelled due to bad wheather or driving condition. We are not responsible for your property and/or your possessions. If this is our first snorkel, will a member of the team help us? Are these activities suited for kids? Kids from the age of five should be able to take part in all parts of this exercise.

Kids under the age of five are welcome on the ferry at the cost of the kid, but are not permitted to take part in all activities. That is at the master's option. We kindly ask you in advanced if you would like to bring along your own under-fives.

In order to maximise the enjoyment of the trip, the number of seating has been cut from 40 to 32 to give all occupants a better view and a more pleasant journey. Are we going to end up on Lanai? This trip will not end up on Lanai, but you will have the possibility to go snorkelling on the island's waters.

Please do not bring your own bottle. Cancellation after 18:00 hrs on the day 3 working nights before the event will be charged at 100% of the full amount.

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