Trip to Hawaii Cost for two

Hawaii trip for two people

The price shown applies to the resort view of the Golf/Mountain Upgrade Room. The Marriott Kauai Resort and Beach Club - Kauai, Hawaii (Prices & Photos). The Best of Hawaii First Class. In general, the two peak times in Hawaii are:. Awesome agency that will adjust the price for you.

Hawaiian Vacation for two: ,500

I came back last months from an absolute 10-day Hawaii holiday on the Oahu and Maui Isles..... We were soaking everything as we crossed two unbelievably scenic and busy hawaiian isles. Enjoying top help pox and snorkeling next to the Hwaiian state fish: humuhumunukunukunukuapuaa. The trip was unique and there was plenty of clean outdoors.

Using a design methodology that places the overall comfort above the overall beauty of the countryside, we have put together a tapered journey to paradise for just under $2,500. Each of Hawaii's Hawaii' Isles is wonderful and one of a kind. Maui' always called my name. Home to some of the best sands in the whole wide open spaces surrounding the 10,000 ft. Haleakala Vulcano.

The mixture of volcanos, colorful sands and the famous Vibes put Maui at the top of the group. It was also our hope to discover the best snorkel sites and to live with our best snorkelers in Oahu. The flight to Honolulu is the way most humans come to one of the isles. Honolulu International Airport (HNL) is situated on the south-eastern shore of Oahu and is a real turntable for bathing enthusiasts from all over the globe.

From Portland International Airport (PDX) I can travel to Honolulu for under $350 at certain hours of the year. With Google Flights I scan most of the flying possibilities. It would cost us about $450 to get a sightseeing plane to Honolulu. Thought a fast 30-minute local from Honolulu, Oahu to Kahului, Maui would not cost more than $150 for each of us.

This is a small fee for unhindered entry to the sandy beach and the never-ending hair-raising beach of Hawaii. So I grabbed a couple of live haul tickets to the Hawaii islands and we were ready. Ten Pharaohs in Oahu and Maui. That' $1,200 on all air services to, in and around Hawaii and back.

It' much more costly to have to stand on two separated isles. I' m lucky we have good mates who live just a few extra-apartments. and a few leagues above Honolulu, to be precise. Maui' would turn out to be more tricky.

Maui has a place for every taste at every turn of the isle. What kind of holiday did we want? The' Ho'okipa Home' was only 20 min eastwards from the Kahului airfield, where we would fly in. All of a sudden the point made 5 overnight stays on Maui much simpler.

Oahu and Maui both have tens of world-class sandy areas and fabulous shellfish. So we needed a commute to both of them. Normally I would have expected to spend one poor and one foot for 10 holidays, let alone two! At the end we have a brandnew monobloc for the drive around Honolulu and a Honday CRV that takes us up the 10,000 foot winding street to Haleakala National Park.

It' gonna be costly.... but I can't stop my holiday in Hawaii, can I? That gave us more agility when blending spur-of-the-moment barrels for seafood taco, steamed dishes with hot curries and paddy and poke. My face was filled with seafood and crisps, where the Mahi-mahi had been captured only a few hour before, and I filled my face with Maui Gold pineapple until my lips could no longer withstand it.

So with the on-site logistic, the #1 was for us to suck up the suntan, dive our feet into the blueest water, go snorkelling with breathtaking fishing, see the sundown from the top of the globe on Haleakala and one of the world's favourite spots. It' s simpler than ever to get your flights, recommended hotels, routes, meals, local favourites and great value offers.

There is no need to spend a penny or cause undue hassle when you plan a last resort holiday of your dreams.

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