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The Treasure Island Resort, Treasure Island Bild : The Treasure Island Resort, Treasure Island Bild : The Treasure Island Resort is located within the Mamanuca archipelago, west of Nadi. You can book Treasure Island Resort, Treasure Island on TripAdvisor: Iconic Fiji resort is easily accessible from the main island of Viti Levu, perfectly located in the stunning Mamanuca archipelago. The Mamanuca Islands Treasure Island of Fiji Treasure Island, like most of the Mamanucas, is a favourite place for full-time excursionists until May 2016, when they completed their outings. Treasure Island can only be visited if you have reserved their accomodation. One of the largest maps for this island (at least for me) is the excellent snorkeling directly at the resort's front shore.

Indeed, it is good all around the island, and since there is a protected area 400 metres off the coast, you can also see a lot of underwaterlife. When you take the South Seas boat, it only takes about 40 minutes to reach Treasure Island.

When you just want to get out of there quickly with your own yacht, you should reserve a Mamanuca Water Taxis. Click on the following links to view room type and more information on Treasure Island Accommodation.

Fiji Treasure Island Resort, Fiji Resort Accomodation

The Treasure Island Resort is enjoying all the magical scenery of the South Pacific on a breathtaking island. Only 17 kilometers from Nadi Airport and a 45-minute speedboat trip from Denarau Marina, this island lodging is family-friendly, but also remote and romantically enough for two. The Treasure Island Resort is a 14.

A 5 hectare island of corals, and as the name implies, this little treasure offers a stress-free and romantically place for your big outing. Accommodations take the shape of bure, Fiji's tradition of lodging, but enjoy contemporary, individual accents that will make your visit to Treasure Island Resort an unforgettable experience. Treasure Island Resort is known for its superb local amenities and has a stunning resort with three pools for family, kids and couple.

Treasure Island also offers a great kids club where kids can learn about Fiji cultures and the surrounding area while having a lot of time. Be it an exhilarating vacation, a relaxing trip or your honeymoon in the breathtaking surroundings of the South Pacific, Treasure Island Resort can make your Fiji adventure an unforgettable one.

The Treasure Island Resort has 68 offices, all air-conditioned with a touch of modernity and tradition, just 30 meters from the sea. Max. room size is 3 adults OR 2 adults & 2 kids. Max. room size is 3 adults OR 2 adults & 2 kids. Max. room size is 4 adults OR 5 adults & kids.

The Seaside Barbecue: Reserve your own luxurious culinary Barbecue with your own private caterer. The Treasure Island Resort is set in first-rate locations and the PADI Diveshop can meet all your scuba needs.

Discover is a great way for novice divers to learn the fundamentals of recreational and recreational dive in the area. There are also bride and groom packs with make-up and bride packs, as well as a twilight pampering package. The Treasure Island Resort Childrens Clubs are the ideal way for your childrens to enjoy Fiji in an entertaining, secure and instructive area.

From the age of 4, all our youngest guests are able to participate in a variety of guided everyday fun and games such as aquatic sport, minigolf, volleyball, javelin pitching, dance, competitions and more. It is a small island that is easy for youngsters to explore and they will be amazed by the nature park, the colorful corals, the tropic tortoises and even the Iguans!

Once a Week, the resort organizes a "Fiji Day" where students can take a 15-minute cruise by ship to Viti Levu, where they will spend a traditional Fiji language course with many of the resort staff's schoolchildren. They make their own meals, make their own meals from coir leaf and boil the meals below ground.

Baby sitting is also available at an estimated F$9. 50 per lesson to be paid directly to the sitter. The Treasure Island Resort is a breathtaking backdrop for your marriage ceremonies with customizable arrangements to make your unique event a memorable one. Our local weddings coordinators take charge of everything from photographers, videographers and hairdressers to romantically relaxing and pampering Champagner picnics, candle-light dinners or sensual aroma therapy massage before the big event.

See Instant Quote for pricing of weddings packages. The Lailai Bridal Package: Incl. bridal co-ordination on your anniversary, Warrior Escort, air-conditioned beach chapel, bridal ceremony for your bridal shower, bridal bouquet, floral garland, a champagne celebration jar, certificate of marriott. Incl. air-conditioned beach chapel, two floral tropic festoons, Warrior escort, ceremony by a celebant, a champagne celebration of your new romance, professional ceremony co-ordinator, certificate of renewal autographed by Turaga Ni Koro (chief of the island).

The Treasure Island Resort offers a range of transfers from Nadi and the surrounding area. With the start pickup from Denarau Marina: Frequent connections to and from Treasure Island take between 30 min. and 2h. Southwater cruises leave Port Denarau three departures a day and return to Denarau three departures a double.

Iceland Hoppers offer an on-demand shuttle from Nadi Airport to Treasure Island. 24-hours start: The Mamanuca Express has a 24 hours departure options with shuttle services from Nadi International Airport to Port Denarau, followed by a departure shuttle directly to Treasure Island. 24-hours start: A 24-hours start is also available with shuttle services from Nadi International Airport to Vuda Marina, followed by a speedboat shuttle directly to Treasure Island.

Notice: Some of the Mamanuca group' islets may have algae depositions on their sands. They are trying to remove the rubble as soon as possible. Pleasant, relaxing resort. The Treasure Island is not very energetic, but if you want to unwind, it is the right place.

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