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Prepare to be flexible -- Some of Air Tahiti's flights from Papeete to the Marquesas first stop in Hiva Oa before flying on to Nuku Hiva. So what will you know about the Marquesas Islands? If you think of French Polynesia, most travellers will conjure images of Bora Bora and the Society Islands. Continue with GLP Expedition Travel. Discover the top attractions of the Marquesas Islands loved by travellers.

Visiting the Marquesas Islands

Marquesas are as fierce and feral as the animals that move around their jagged area. In contrast to the other Polynesian isles, there are no natural sites such as a lagoon or reef protection. Marquesas Archipelago is one of the most isolated archipelagoes in the worid. This far-flung volcano islets are further away from a continent's land mass than any other existing islet.

Know as Te Henua Enata, "The Land of Men", these primal isles will call to their wildest inmost. All over the island there are many archeological and religious places, among them homes, shrines, rock sculptures, farm patios and cemeteries testifying to the presence of an old population. Nuku Hiva, Hiva Oa, Ua Pou, Ua Huka, Tahuata and other small uninhabitated archipelagos belong to the group.

The only two hotels on the Nuku Hiva and Hiva Oa are just a few of them. More than any other French Polynesian isle, the Marquesas attract a different kind of traveller - one with an inherent spirit of advent. Riding through these rugged and unspoilt countryside, you will be captivated by its strong and dreamy quality.

More information about the beautiful sandy areas of Polynesia and the Marquesas Islands, click here. On the Marquesas Islands, January is characterised by substantially stable maximum daytemperatures with day temperatures around 87°F throughout the whole months, seldom above 89°F or falling below 83°F. Passengers are exclusively liable for the procurement and transport of the proper passports, visas (if applicable), adequate means for the duration of their visit and health information (if applicable).

Ensure that your card is in force beyond your trip date for the period necessary. Please note that certain jurisdictions need a pass that must be in force six month after your date of exit. Therefore, it is a good general principle that your pass is 6 month after your date of departures from the isles.

These are the Marquesas Islands airports: You don't need a vehicle if you are planning day trips on a tour or don't want to depart your holiday area. When you want to discover, get your grocery in the grocery store, go to the souvenir shops, hire a cheap restaurant, at least for a few nights.

One of the cheapest ways to see several isles is by Air Tahiti Passport. The passports link islets of the same or two different archipelagoes, while additions to the far-flung Marquesas and Australian Isles can be added to the other passports. If you buy a passport, you must finish your trip within 28 working nights and only pay one trip to each isle. However, not all isles have to be vistit.

It is the only place on the Isle of Hiva Oa. Call 689 87 77 77 77 77 03 or Facebook at Hoa Nui for more information. Call 689 92 75 87 for more information or go to the Hiva Oa Pearl Lodge Restuarant on the Internet.

Call 689 40 92 74 26 or go to TripAdvisor at Snack Make for more information. Call 689 87 23 29 29 66 or come and see her at Bella Pizza for more information. The Yvonne is an institute on the Isle ("Nuku Hiva"). Call 689 92 02 97 or use TripAdvisor at Yvonne for more information.

Pizza and quite good gourmet meals are either indoors or on the large patio in front of the ocean. Serving is sluggish and not quite as pleasant as elsewhere on the islands, but this mid-range eatery is inexpensive and a pleasant alternative to the purely traditional cuisine ("tuna" in various shapes and stews).

Call 689 92 03 03 03 30 for more information or come and see her on TripAdvisor at the Moana Nui Restaurant. In cooperation with our regional partner Richard Temarama can offer you different routes to get to know the Marquesan area. Walking, horse backpacking and 4×4 trips. The Vaipo Falls, the Bay of Hakaui and archeological relics can be visited.

If you would like more information, please call 689 28 08 36 or go to Temarama Tour. Situated in Meau valley near the main town on the Nuku Hiva isle. It is a distinctive wooden and stone structure in a former holy place worshipped by the old Marquesans.

These rocks come from the six populated isles of the island group. Come to Marquesan to see some of the most important liturgical characters or come to the Sunday worship at 8am to hear emphatically wonderful music. To learn more, please go to the Notre Dame Cathedral Facebook page. Nuku Hiva trips by 4×4 boats or on feet. Excursions to the Hakaui waterfall, to the Taipivai River and Hatiheu valleys, to archeological places and to the sandy coves.

Call 689 73 23 23 23 48 for more information or go to Marquise Excursionist's website. If you would like more information (tour with Marches Islands Tours) call 39 06 94341079 or go to Marches Islands Tours. Most of the characters are in English, but the information is only in French.

More information can be found on the Espace Culturel Paul Gauguin website. It is your opportunity to meet genuine Marquesan Islanders and maybe even take a cruise back on their little sail! The smallest of the Marquesas' populated islands, Tahuata is just a short cruise from Hiva Oa, making it a great choice for an adventure outing.

Celebrate the picturesque drive to the isle, often with mantas, and head to the dozy Hapatoni town. To find out more about cruising to Tahuata call 1-800-848-6172 or go to Paul Gauguin Cruises' website. Hispanic Oa may be a drowsy little South Pacific isle, but it was home to two great personalities, believe it or not.

Jacques Brel, a Belgium poet/singer/actress, and the famous artist Paul Gauguin from France spend their last years in paradise. Pilgrimages to their last place of burial are a must for every tourist to the islands. Atuona city centre leads up the hills to Calvary, where Gauguin and Brel lie among the ordinary inhabitants of the islands and former Clergymen.

From up here, the views are the same as anywhere else on the isle.

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