Travel to Antarctica from new Zealand

Journey from New Zealand to Antarctica

A visit to the subantarctic islands offers unique wildlife such as king penguins and king albatross as well as a fascinating history. Come to New Zealand and lose yourself in a Kiwi adventure with Collette. View the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney, Queenstown and more. New Zealander Marie Darby is the first to visit Antarctica. Visit the vast subantarctic islands south of New Zealand at six latitudes.

From 2018, Argentina will be open to Antarctic travel.

He is tickling a big one off the pail register and visits the miracles of Antarctica on a week-long trip. From Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego it goes once or twice aweek to the Argentinian Marambio station on the island of Seymour, near the tip of the Arctic half island, the La Nacion paper states.

Marambio runway will be equipped with a safety camera to ensure the safety of scheduled flight arrivals. Marambio runway is being extended for the secure landing of scheduled air services. Averages 35,000 to 40,000 visitors per year. According to the article, the flight lasts about one and a half hour and is operated by turbo-prop aircraft of the state-owned carrier ADLOAD.

Thirty-three hundred and thirty-three kilometers southward of Buenos Aires. The first vessel with "civic researchers" came to Antarctica in January 1966. Today, an annual number of 35,000 to 40,000 visitors come every year.

Antarctic travel expenses: Everything you need to know

Planing a Antarctic trip is an exhilarating and one-of-a-kind endeavor, but the Antarctic is not cheap, as you will know if you have done a little research. Some additional travel expenses in Antarctica are often ignored when you split the budgets and most folks tend to overlook adding them before travel.

Below we have listed the individual budget issues you should consider before your Antarctic trip to emphasize all these budget blurred stains. Receive an offer for a luxury yacht charter outing! For a detailed quotation from our highly qualified specialists, click Request a quotation. What does it pay to go to Antarctica?

There are 7 important expenses for anyone who wants to travel to Antarctica. Because Antarctica's various routes provide many different types of activity and locations, the budget can be very different when it comes to cruising companies, cruising equipments and outfitting. Therefore we recommend everyone to check a number of timetables before making a reservation to find out what fits them best.

It is not advisable to base your choice on cost alone, as a reduction on lower grade sailing could curb your experiences and lead to an uninspired voyage to Antarctica. Part of your Antarctic visit cost is allocated to the tour you choose. As there are virtually 100 Antarctic tour companies, the choice can be vast and pricing can change dramatically.

As we have over 70 cruises in Antarctica, we are aware that this can be a frightening outlook, but that makes it even more important to know what to look out for when choosing a tour provider. There are three major cruising types available; a basic Ushuaia trip, a flying trip from Punta Arenas or a luxurious one.

It is also important that your chosen Antarctic tour organiser is a member of the International Association of Antarctic Tour operators (IAATO), which ensures that tour organisers comply with the stringent protection requirements for the unspoiled Antarctic world. The IAATO rules should always be followed by all good charter companies.

Choosing an Antarctic liner will also have a big influence on the Antarctic experiences you have. Sizing of the vessel, on-board activity and choice of meals are all things to consider and differ from operator to operator. A thing to remark is that even though nutrition is usually included both in the cruise fare, you may have to pay for beverages on board.

Last but not least, the presentations and guided tours offered by every Antarctic operating company are important. Good relationship is 1 guidebook per 10 people, but in essence, the more the better! The presentations should take place twice a week, and large organisers make sure that the instructors are seasoned pros in their fields and can also make photo specialists available.

When an Antarctic surgeon marks all these check marks, you can be pretty sure that you are in good safety on your voyage. Depending on the selected kind of cruises the budgets are between $7.000 - $9.000. If you are on a slightly higher price, you can extend your journey to the Falkland Islands and South Georgia, with rates from $11,000 for 20 and up.

For more information, please visit our details page to help you choose the right Antarctic trip. Or if you would like to contact our Antarctic representative, simply click here. Since the overwhelming bulk of ocean carriers fly out of Ushuaia, a seaport at the south tip of Argentina, further large travel costs in Antarctica have to be taken into account.

Occasionally cruise starts from Punta Arenas in Chile, Buenos Aires or Puerto Madryn in Argentina, but these are much more seldom. Some of the more costly cruise ships also start from New Zealand and Australia; Invercargill and Hobart. South America is usually the place of choice for those arriving from Africa, Europe or America, and of course there may be dramatic changes in flight schedules, according to where you are located.

Especially from Europe to Ushuaia are quite costly, and it is often worth checking out Buenos Aires and then getting an in-house one. Most European to Ushuaia airfares range from $1,500 - $2,000, African to $900 - $1500 and US to $1,000 - $1600.

Flies to New Zealand and Australia, from Europe the fare is about $1500 and from Africa on board averages between $1200 - $1500. Since there are no direct Antarctic business trips, you would have to make reservations with a privately owned charters company and the cost of a trip can exceed $30,000.

Minimum $1000 - $1500 for air travel, a little more for Europe. Click here for directions to Antarctica. Visas are not necessary to enter Antarctica, but a current travel document is necessary to get on a Antarctic cruiser. When traveling with a tour organiser, you probably do not have to apply for this yourself, as the organiser will obtain the authorisation, but ask your tour organiser in the Antarctic before travel.

You may need to enquire about visas for travel to Latin America. Expedition permits are necessary for expedition participants in the Antarctic Treaty area. You will need to get in touch with your local U.S. consulate for this purpose, but for U.S. nationals you will need to fill in a DS-4131 Advanced Notification Form - TOURIST AND OTHER NON-GOVERNMENTAL Activies IN THE ANTARCTIC TREATY AREA and hand it in to the Department of State's Office of Ocean and Polar Affairs 3 month before your travel.

In most cases, the visas are free of charge. You can find further information on the Antarctic Visas on our detailed page here. No vaccination is necessary to explore Antarctica. If you are leaving a country in Latin America, it is best to seek advice from your physician before you leave. Receive an offer for a cruise! For a detailed quotation from our highly qualified specialists, click Request a quotation.

Bringing the right clothes and equipment to Antarctica will really make a big impact on the comforts and pleasures of the journey, as the temperature can be between -15° C. The temperature can be as low as -15° C. Click here for more information about Antarctic apparel and a complete packinglist. If you make such a large outlay on your Antarctic voyage, you want to make sure you are protected against unexpected travel delay, emergencies, Antarctic activity and luggage problems.

Antarctic weather is relatively erratic and can cause travel disruptions, interruptions and even cancellations. Good Antarctic travel insurances contain a travel resignation insurances, which usually pay 2,500 USD for the basic insurances or 10,000 USD for the extended insurances. Since Antarctica is such a secluded area, EMV coverage is a must!

The majority of shipping companies demand this, as the minimal costs for the removal of the Antarctica are 100,000 dollars. Please note that you will also need to travel to destinations in Latin America or Australia and that you must ensure that your travel cover also applies in these states. Allow about $90 - $140 for good travel coverage, but review the activity covered by your policies and the deductible before you buy.

Click here for more information on Antarctic Insurances. Before and after your Antarctic trip, you can stay one overnight in a motel at your point of origin at a low cost. Beverages on your trip may also be added to the cost of your trip, for which you should be ready.

Budge about $200 for any other expenditures you may incur during your Antarctica voyage. Below we have summarized for you what you can look forward to for your Antarctic voyage on the basis of various different budgets. These are only a guideline and may be higher according to route and travel selection.

Receive an offer for a luxury yacht charter outing! Please fill in the following questionnaire if you would like a detailed offer from our highly qualified specialists. I hope this Antarctic travel expense report has shed some optimism on the expense of Antarctic travel and revealed some of the extra charges that are often ignored. Thanks a lot and have a nice trip!

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