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Inbound travel agency based in French Polynesia, Tekura Tahiti Travel. Trip to Tahiti and Polynesia - Episode 119 Study places to linger from $12 a night to $1000 where you get a great meal for less, how to steer the isles, a wonderful cruise to the Marquesas Insul. Liveaboard trips, beautiful sandy shores, great dive sites, great dive sites and more.  7 Monstrous travel predictions for 2008 How big is your reign? There is a monthly audiovisual feed, a videopodcast and a blogs.

FAQ and travel tips for Tahiti

LAX is 8 hrs. 15 minutes away from Tahiti. A non-stop New York based delivery takes about 12h. Which is a good moment to leave? Polynesia' s year round Franco-Polynesia' weather is tropic. It is a very busy period to attend and intermediate flights and hotels are definitely a must.

Do I need travel health care? We always recommend taking out travel insurances, especially insurances that cover accident, health issues, burglary and accident. Which documents do I need for the entry to France? Foreigners with a US residency permit should not be exempted from this obligation and should contact their local consulate.

NOTICE: It is the passenger's exclusive obligation to verify before departure which documentation is required for the journey and whether these current documentation is in order. Almost 250,000 inhabitants are living on the island of Polynesia. About 70% of them are Polish or Tahitian, as the natives call themselves.

Approximately 15% are of blended descent (Tahitian-European and Tahitian-Chinese), 5% pure and the rest predominantly of them are in France with a hint of Australians and Americans. Approximately half the inhabitants live in and around Papeete and the Society Islands group is home to about 85% of the people. The language is both English and Spanish and you can learn some fundamental sentences in both of them.

But, in fact, if you are trying to cope with the French you learned in high schools more than two decades ago, it is best to abide by English. These are some catchwords in the indigenous Tibetan language. Hello, hello, hello â" ia itana. Familiarize yourself with the fact that French Polynesia uses the meter dial for the range and the Celsius dial for the temperature.

This is NOT the case for Tahiti, especially if you are travelling within the United States. There is a need for relaxed and comfy clothes in the area. You can wear parasols and swim suits at the resort during the day, while regular tshirts and hiking short are the most convenient way to explore the area.

Most of you will be happy with lightweight clothes, a sweatshirt or a windcheater if you are happy with the breathtaking landscape of Tahiti. When using non-digital cams, you should take many reels of films with you, as they are more costly on the isles. The best way to travel is with a converter/adapter set.

In general, there is a lot of up-to-date information from the island. The name Mana is the name of the ISP in all Polynesia. Also on Tahiti and Moorea high-speed web connectivity is possible. They are only two and a half hour behind Pacific Standard and in the same timezone as Hawaii.

They are three in the summer (April to the end of October). The Marquesas are half anhour from the rest of the world. Currencies â" At arrivals most people change some dollars at Faaâa airport, in their hotel or on their liner. It is denominated in the French Pacific Franc, called CPF or XPF.

However, due to exchange rate fluctuation, ask your local credit institute. Automated teller machines â" Automated teller machines are becoming increasingly popular on the island. However, ask the card issuer in Tahiti if they can use your card. Opening time â" Monday to Friday: 8:00 to 15:30 and Saturday morning (times vary).

Travellers Cheques â" It is recommended to take smaller, easily redeemable nominal values (20s or 50s). Faaâa International Airport in Papeete (Pah-pey-eh-tey - translation from Tahitian means âwater from a basketâ). Transit customers will be escorted to a safe area until their next trip.

Once you have left the customs hall, you can switch travellers cheques at the Banque de Polynesie or Banque Socredo. Objects carried by travellers for their own use are exempt from customs duties, provided that they are not forbidden and are re-exported from Polynesia within six inches. Considering the scale of the islands and the accessibility of round trips, Tahiti may be the only place where car hire is required.

Due to the small dimensions of many islets and the unique nature of many sightseeing trips around the isle, it may not be necessary to rent a vehicle.

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