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South Island: How to get to New Zealand

This article should help you if you want to know how long you should stay on the South Island, as I sketch each town and area and give my proposals how many nights you should stay in each town, as well as some choices and choices if you don't have much free space....

Well, now that we've settled that, welcome to New Zealand, the country of kiwis, the kiwis and the kiwis! What number of nights should I stay on the South Island? A two-week period is usually the best period to visit all of New Zealand!

Many do not have the luxuries of two short stays only on the South Island, but for this position I will suppose that you have free or could return, or that you are not trying to see a UK or California big state in a fortnight!

I' ve posted this article with a guidebook on how many nights in each area or town is probably the least, but if you want to see South Island in two week's time, you can, but keep in mind that it will be very quick in most places in just a few of them.

I would suggest selecting only three or four areas and traveling a little more slowly to really enjoy everything this astonishing part of New Zealand has to show. And if you are also interested in seeing North Island, you will enjoy this article I have written on How to See the North Island in 3 week, in which I have listed my favorite places and my assessment of how many nights you should be there to look around.

Well, here we go - South Island in two wards! Stay here at least one overnight and stay some money in local eateries, pubs and stores (they will be appreciative of your business), then hop in your vehicle and decide whether you drive to the west coast through the centre, to the south or through it.

Canterbury is the centre of the Christchurch area and a full excursion to Akaroa (about 1.5 hour drive) should probably be performed during the few nights you will be in Christchurch. You can swim with the minute and very uncommon Hector sharks, enjoy local cheeses, rummage in the stores, sleep or just go out for the dark.

But Hanmer Spring must be good for at least one of them. It' s about a 2 hour ride from Christchurch, in the midst of beautiful vineyards, where I collected breathtaking piñot noirs during my visit to the cellars mentioned above! But, as the name implies, the reason why humans want to spend the nights is the warm wells.

Heritage Hanmer Spring is the centre of the city, opposite the beautiful warm water sources that are great in the snow covered valleys of winters or the sunshine of summers. Another 1 hr 45 minutes from Hanmer, Kaikoura is Maori for "eating crabs" (crayfish) and there are two main reason why you want to stay here (or two).

But for a genuine kiwis adventure, go to Nin's Bin, a small roadside trailer where you bring in new crabs every single working days to cook them the way you like them.

And the other reasons to stay here for a few nights are the giant cachalots. New Zealand has the most sunny holidays of the year. It is my ambitions to go kayaking on the crystalline water of Abel Tasman National Park, but maybe it's a glamorous way that will sound more than carrying my things around in a watertight capsule for a few nights!

Remember, if you have children with you, but if not, you are planning to stay one of the nights in Hokitika or Greymouth. Or, if you ride Hwy 7, a stop at New Zealand's crankiest public venue, the Blackball Hilton, is sure to put a big smid. Take your lunches and cruise south to the shore in Hokitika or Greymouth.

In order to get to the majestic glacier, you have a long ride ahead of you and while it's an astonishing landscape, it's pretty much the same! Once you have seen them (and have hiked further over the years thanks to the melting glaciers), head on to Haast and cross Mt Aspiring National Park to the south and I would suggest you stay at least 2 or 5 nights in Wanaka.

The broader part of the country is the peninsula, which is a great trip, especially if you want to see the giant Albatros that nests on the continent. Thankfully, one of the best things to do with your relatives or buddies and that's on my big NZ bucket list is to bike the NZ track that stays at NBBs along the way over a few more days.

We are now almost back to Christchurch, where we began, but this year southwest of the Garden City. but you could make it in three of them. The Tekapo Springs is a range of heated swimming pool areas designed to look like the nearby ponds and lie on the lakeside promenade.

When you' re a galaxy enthusiast, Mackenzie Country has the world's biggest dark skies reservation, with huge astronomical observatories, and you can take a overnight cruise on Mt John to see the stars and the planets. It was a fast, big bang of the skies on my Mackenzie Country Ride.

Now, if you're going to reach North Island, you' re reading mine:

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