Travel from Maui to Hawaii

Journey from Maui to Hawaii

Guidance to Booking Hawaii Inter-island Flights or Ferry. Flying is the predominant way of travelling between the islands. O'ahu (by Kona and Hilo); Kahului, Maui (by Kona and Hilo). Oahu, Kauai, Maui and Big Island have direct flights to and from mainland America: about six hours drive from the west coast of the USA.

Maui is the famous sister of the Hawaiian family: radiantly beautiful, a little rebellious and with a lot of glamour.

Maui-Big Island flights: Hawaiian Airlines FAQs

All sorts of information about Hawaiian Airlines services from Maui to Big Island. You can find it here, whether you are looking for timetables or the most favourite itineraries. Have a look at our list below to complete your travel arrangements today. What is the duration of the Hawaiian Airlines service from Maui to Big Island?

Hawaiian Airlines' journey from OGG to KOA takes about 35 mins. How far is Hawaiian Airlines' service from Maui to Big Island? OGG and KOA are 84 leagues from AĆ©roport. Are you trying to find the best timeframe for booking a trip?

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Here is a listing of Hawaiian Airlines internal services from Maui, so you can search for your favourite carrier and point of departure. It' simple to enlarge and reduce the towns around the airfield to see the larger image. Find a plane, a motel and a hire vehicle at the best prices available on line.

Transport Maui

Maui is a festival for the mind, with five different areas that offer an amazing variety of landscapes, each one more striking than the other. The nickname "Valley Isle" refers to the hills that embed the eastern and western sides of the islands, most of Maui being relatively low and shallow, which makes navigation by road easier.

And Maui is also home to perhaps the most celebrated street in Hawaii, the mythical Route to Hana - but that's just the beginning. The Haleakala National Park, the tranquil farmhouses of Upcountry and the many sun-kissed shores of the islands are just some of the places you can see on the Maui. The Kahului International Aerodrome (OGG) is Maui's major airfield, where most arrivals will take place.

Cape Vera Airport (JHM) in West Maui and Hana Airport (HNM) in East Maui. There are many non-stop services to Maui, or you can catch a 30-minute one-way ticket to Maui from Honolulu International Airport (HNL) on Oahu. Expeditions ferries also run several daily from Lahaina in West Maui to and from the neighbouring Lanai Isle.

Travellers who arrive on Maui can take a cab to most resorts and resorts, and even pre-book personal transfer services from the city. A number of resorts in large holiday areas such as Kaanapali provide free shuttle services to surrounding cities and tourist sites, but transport to the airports usually cost more. For those interested in a trip, Kahului or Kapalua airports, where most of the big landlords are located, have the possibility to hire a vehicle.

Further Maui transport possibilities are coaches, trolley cars and citybuses. If you are on Maui, make sure you comply with the "aloha" rules. You will avoid the opposite direction on single-lane roads (along the Hana motorway); if there is a queue on the other side, stop and let your neighbours overtake.

Riding here is much more relaxing than on the land, so relax and savour the landscape.

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