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West Samoa has long lured Westerners to its islands. Samoa's Tourism Authority is home to travel agencies inamoa. Samoa's Tourism Authority has housed travel agencies in American Samoa to increase the number of tourists. A group of travel agency and airlines agents attended Upolu and Savai'i hotel visits. The Executive Vice President of Inter Island Airways, Barney Sene, says that the number of American Samoa passengers has fallen since the introduction of immigration visas.

South Pacific Islands: Tahiti, New Zealand, Samoa Itinerary

Bora Bora is like a scenic picture with eruptions of emeralds, indigos, sapphires and sands, glowing in lush shades of color. You will be welcomed at the luggage area and accompanied along the waterfront to your luxury lodging between the South Pacific and the crystalline lagoon water.

During the rest of the morning you are free to enjoy the comfort of your stay on the isle. You' ll be able to listen to the splashing sound of the waters against the pillars of your surface shelter. They open to views of the horizons that extend to the prominent silvery summit of Mount Otemanu.

To get off to a marvellous, relaxed start in your stay in Polynesia, take a standing paddle board on the waters for a soft buzz and a stunning look. Awake in the mornings to the sound of the sound of the water that brushes against the wood poles of your shed. You will find cut fruits as lively and colourful as the islands at breakfasts, with lush raspberries and mangoes in the colour of the flowering tropical flower.

It is 2,400 ft above the surface of the lake. With your driver you get into a 4x4 car and cross the dirt tracks along the preserved wood. You' ll reach the shoulder of the hill that supports the steeples to get a glimpse of the blue sea, the straw shelters and the jungles.

Morninglight is washing over the isle and brings the soft gleam back into the sea, into the hood and to the top of the mountain. Enjoy a foamy capuccino at breakfasts while you watch the waters splashing through the windows. You will be accompanied by your own personal shuttle to the Raiatea International Airports for your short flights. The journey continues by ferry to the privately owned Vahine isle.

You will attend a Tahiti dancing class for an introductory tour of the Isle. You' re moving your thighs and find the Grasrock rocking and rocking, giving an additional touch to the sounds of the islands and conveying the importance of the history you tell through your MOVEMENU. Following a mild breakfasts, you will head off on a half-day snorkel trip to admire the breathtaking sea corals on the edge of the islands and beyond.

You are surrounded by the warmness of the sea. Currents will take you across the cliff near the bungalow to find floating corals in the underwater world. Sun light penetrates the clear waters and provides a range of vision of up to 20ft. Corals shine in the sea with the shimmer of a zodiac.

Its spans can be up to a width of almost 25ft. You will enjoy the views over the sea in the mornings and have a fresh cup of appuccino. You will be accompanied by your own transfers to Raiatea International for your Queenstown, New Zealand trip. Situated on the South Island, the town catches the wonder of nature of the area.

You will be welcomed on your way to the luggage area and accompanied to a luxury lakefront van. They have a secluded look at the shimmering waters, the emerald-green promontory and the gentle peaks. More than 1,450 ft above sealevel, the funicular takes you to viewing decks facing Queenstown and the landscape.

You will be welcomed at the airport after your morning meal and accompanied into the wilderness outside Queenstown. and whistles while it's running over the ship. From time to time the icy cool air splashes onto the fuselage.

You' ll drive along the protected world heritage site Te Wahipounamu, past breathtaking pebble woods and beaches. Their leader declares the old origins of the wood, which are more than 80 million years old. From Queenstown after breakfasts, your tour guides will take you down the curvy streets to Milford Sound.

It is the South Island in its original grandeur and extends almost 10 nautical mile from its top to the open ocean. One hears a sealing cortex in the distant horizon, taking a sunbath on the cliffs by the waters. Growing to a height of two metres, the scarce continental female has a brilliant whitish coat on her belly.

At an altitude of almost 500 ft, the waters fall over the bluffs and form a fog along the framed crags. It is 980 ft above sealevel with vineyards sheltered from the marine environment by breathtaking peaks. You will be guided by your guides along the vineyards to reach the wax-like growth.

You will be offered a wine degustation of the wine made on the estate while enjoying a taste of Pinot Noir in the caves. You will be accompanied by a personal airport shuttle to Queenstown Airport for your trip to Apia on the Samoan Isle of Upolu. You will be welcomed on your return and accompanied to your luxurious lodging in the south of the isle.

Sit down in the wonders of your surface vaulted chalet and enjoy the views of the gleaming reefs that embody the tranquil tempo of Samoan living as you move with the soft-currents. Dive your feet into the invigorating water of the inflinity swimming pools or find the breathtaking views of the Laguna and surrounding hills along your own personal sundeck.

At the end of the trip, you decide on a cure on the premises. You' ll find solace in the flavour of coconuts and the sounds of dripping waters. Privately-owned room provides mineral salts from the countryside and the ocean, such as enriched waters with lemon fruits that refreshes your spirit and your being.

This masseur will bring a soft, calming note to help you unwind in the miracles of Samoa. You and your tour leader head off on your first Samoa experience, which takes you to To Sua Trench. The clear, shimmering turnquoise, more than 65 ft below the surface, is the result of dangling floral and wild undergrowth.

There is a wood staircase leading to a relaxing deck where you can take in the fresh, cooling warmth of the rainforest. An underground pipe supplies the swim pit with sea borne rain. In the morning we drive to Apia to explore the Palolo Deep Marine Reserve.

You will be enveloped in the brightly shimmering blue waters with welcoming heat. You will be taken to the big fishes around the big corals more than 300 ft from the coast. These are more than one meter long and often make groups of up to 20 people who swim near the drop-off.

You' ll go back to the waters on the Namu'a coastline off the south-east shore of Upolu. Tortoises can be up to 700 lbs. in weight and up to 4 ft. long. With their flippers they slide through the waters as if they were sliding through the outdoors. Mornings illuminate the mysterious caverns and bathing pools around the isle.

Local people and tourists make their way to Upolu to savour the fresh water in the caves. Longest chute lasts more than 15 ft before it stops. You can sunbathe in the bright colours and delicious flavours of the tropical fruit of the isle.

You will be welcomed at your accommodation after your morning meal and accompanied to Faleolo International Airport in Apia for your return journey.

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