Tours to Lanai from Maui

Lanai Tours from Maui

An excellent but expensive trip to Lanai. I'm reading the Maui Revealed book and we're planning a trip with the trilogy. I am really glad that we chose her for our catamaran trip! The best snorkel tour to Lanai'i on Maui! Unwind as the crew of Gemini sets sail for two hours of calm and exciting trade winds with phenomenal views of the mountains of West Maui, Molokai and Lanai.

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Hebby and I are trying to make a decision for a full-time excursion to Lanai or Molokai. Did anyone make one of these or just a full day's excursion to one of these isles? There are ferries and services on both of them. A 30-minute drive by car to Lana`i and 90-minute drive to Moloka`i.

Lana' i is the expedition ferry and daily excursion pack. Quite quiet sailing on a Katamaran. A very relaxed excursion. Moloka' i is the Maui Princess or Moloka' i Princess Ferry Boats and itineraries. I' ve done the Ali `i guidance, and like with all guidance one goes there, where the leader has got to friends and families.

Bumpy, monohull boating. As I was back after nightfall, the 3-hour cruise put me under pressure. I' m dying to return to both of them. A trilogy 1 days to Lanai was taken, which contained snorkelling and eating as well as a vans trip over the isle. Also we took the Molokai led shuttle.

We' ve both been enjoying them and the island are very different from each other and Maui. Though we went to Molokai on Pacific Wings Express now $39 + tax, p/p each way, we did pay less (booked back a while). From Maui @ 0845 we reached Molokai 0915. Flown back @ 2005, in Maui @ 2035.

Even more enjoyment at the airport Dolokai! I had a great time - we are so happy that we made this brief outing. Our flight was for the chance of sea rage on the p.m. boat. In February 2006 my man and I went on a full excursion to Lanai. During our journey with Trilogy Tours we were thrilled.

Snorkelling on Lania is great, there is a brief walk along the shore and the sightseeing of the small city was also beautiful. Next we will return to Maui next months and think about doing the setting sun this year.

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