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Helicopter tours in Oahu offer a unique experience with breathtaking sea views, lush valleys and waterfalls, the historic city of Honolulu and Pearl Harbor. Every Oahu photo tour is a photographic adventure filled with amazing viewpoints, majestic mountains, offshore islands, secret places and much more. Fascinating rides over Perl Harbor, Diamond Head, rainforest, waterfalls. You will receive the discount code in your e-mail confirmation with the first booked tour. Helicopter tours through spectacular, famous sights, rainforests, waterfalls and more.

Wilderness Specialty Tours, Oahu, Hawaii - West Side Specialty Whale Dolphin und Schnorchel Touren Touren

Dolfing and swimming with wild cetaceans - Each trip is varied, according to the mood of the creatures and the confidentiality of the crews in maximising the adventurous. Typical features of the delphins are socially, curiously, interactively and pleasant. Wild Side's staff will inform all our visitors about the "wet-iquette" and make sure that you and the trophies have a pleasant time.

"We' s Fodor choose for Oahu Wowatching Whales and CBS''Top Five America in the Whales Tours " are cats on wilderness preservation and marine preservation. Take courage and accompany the West Side team on an exciting, unparalleled journey through dolphins, whales and reefs. From whales to snorkelling, dolphins to tortoises, our tours cover the whole eco-system - from birds to sandy shores full of marine species - and the cultures and customs that surround them.

Clean waters - 60 to 100 m. On board you can see a similar range to a glassbottom vessel, hot (76 to 82 F) waters, with snorkelling dephts from 10 to 80 mt. (you can see the bottom!), make the experience pleasant for all snorkelling tastes - and for those who stay on board. With their sharp eyed eye, your in-water-guide will show you the marine environment and the activity on the shore.

Check out our crews page to see our background and services, our yacht page to see our yachts and their facilities, and our tours page to find the charters that are right for you and your family.

Oahu Private Helicopter Tours

The Oahu (O'ahu) is Hawaii's third biggest and most populous island. It' the home of Hawaii's Honolulu. Oahu has unbelievable, unparalleled attractions, from lofty falls to hills and scenic coastlines. Coming from our near Honolulu Airport campus, we provide a wide range of Oahu heli tours to make your unforgettable Hawaiian experience.

One of Oahu's top flight chopper tours in luxurious Vip. Take a flight of the door out (or in) around Oahu, just like the Magnum P.I. TV show! Leave Honolulu International and start your chopper adventures with a flight over the coast of Waikiki, where the city of Honolulu encounters the sandy beach of Waikiki.

On the Leewüste to Diamond Head, Koko Head and the historical Makapuuu Point Lighthouse. We head further to the Kaaawa (Jurassic) Valley and Sacred Falls. Their trip ends with a gradual overpass of Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona. Enjoy the "Magnum PI" Helicopter Tours with the " door off specialists " in Hawaii.... we do door off tours in Oahu, Kauai and Big Island of Hawaii !

Explore all the important sights of Oahu in 60 min. of luxury V. I. Enjoy the magical power of Oahu. Oahu Airport is the starting point of our personal Oahu personal V.I.P. heli tours, offering stunning vistas of the Honolulu airport, the legendary Waikiki coast, Koko Head, Makapuuu Point Lighthouse, Kailua Beach, Chinaman's Hat and the unspoilt Kaneohe Bay area.

Their trip ends with a gradual overpass of Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona. From Honolulu International Headquarters we drive to some of the most prestigious locations like Sacred Falls, Pali, 3 Peaks, Stairway to Heaven, the Sandbar at Kaneohe and the legendary Jurassic Valley.

Observe the sunset in the bright lush Pacific Ocean water on the lee side of Oahu. The Oahu Sunset Romance Tours are ideal for those who want to celebrate, make suggestions or take a bath in the beautiful city of Oahu. Custom tunes and stories are available on demand from VIP Private Tours.

Comments in English & customisable comments and background for wedding motions, jubilees and more! Take a photo of the "Green Flash" and the trip is at ½ prize!

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