Tourist Activities in Vanuatu

Vanuatu Tourist Activities

Vanuatu is a beautiful island paradise with many attractions and reasons to visit. Make normal security arrangements in Vanuatu to increase the economic benefits of cruise tourism in Vanuatu.

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Harbour cruises are very expensive! Do you want some tips on what to do in each location and how to get around? I like renting a vanuatu and would like to see the submarine mailbox, the melee cascade and the waterfall. What harbour in Vanuatu do you go to?

When you are not taking boat trips, you must be aware of the amount of round-trips you need on the boat and allow a lot of extra travel to return to the boat. I' ve seen some really tight views and passenger stories that missed the boat altogether are not infrequent.

Vanuatu Port Vila is our destination. Now, Noimea and Port Vila. Hello Teagan21, The Undersea Mailbox and the Mele Cascades are very near to each other, so that you can do both in one go and have enough free space to do it. Personally, I' d recommend enjoyin' one area and giving yourself a little bit of extra quality in.

It can take a whole afternoon to discover the island of Hideaway Island (where the submarine postal service is located), where you can snorkel as soon as you find the PO. You can take the small "trains", take one of the shorter coach trips, get on the shuttles or hire a chauffeur for a whole outing.

You can reach all these possibilities from the tourist information at the harbour. When your vessel goes to the freight harbour, it will most likely operate a shuttleservice that will take you to the tourist harbour, where you can trade some money for South Pacific francs. I suggest taking the Anse Vata seafront shuttles and taking the small ferry to Duck Island to look around and then hike back to the harbour via Lemon Bay, where you can have a cup of ice cream and a cup of good quality café at Mt. Lemon Bay, then walk past the harbour and try the beautiful craft before taking a look at the stores near the harbour.

You can also enjoy additional leisure activities such as swimming on one of the beach, hiking to the temple on the hillside or a 1-hour coach ride through the town leading to the viewpoint on the hillside with views of the stunning docks. Well, there are several lava lakes all over Vanuatu.

You' d be expecting to spend about $20 an hours for a coach and drivers, or to bargain for the whole days and in a while for the melee area, or get a group together to divide the outlay. If we do not comply with our policies, we will delete any postings and we retain the right to delete postings for any cause.

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