Camping on Totaranui beach at the northern end of Abel Tasman National Park. Camping Totaranui, Abel Tasman National Park: Receive the Totaranui weather forecast. Todaranui campsite, Abel Tasman National Park image: Weekly weather forecast for Totaranui (New Zealand).

Nelson/Tasman Area National Park, Abel Tasman

It is a large campsite next to Totaranui beaches, surrounded by an inlet. The Abel Tasman Coastal Track can be reached from here. The Totaranui is a large campsite for up to 850 persons. The pitches are opposite the sea and along the muzzle. Campsite is only available for hikers of the Abel Tasman Coast Track on the seafront.

There are 23 areas, each of which is seperated by a protective belt, with six comforts. The Totaranui'Ngarata' Homestead acts as an educational center and can be reserved for personal use when not used by schoolchildren. The system shows information on the way around, storage instructions and transportation information. Fire, inclusive of barbecues, may only be used in the chimneys provided, take your own wood with you, it is no longer for sale in the workroom.

The Totaranui campsite is part of the Abel Tasman National Park and you have to'pack in, pack out' by taking out your own garbage. By 2025, the warehouse aims to be waste-free. The Tasman District Council garbage sacks are available in all major grocery stores and are on sale at the warehouse offices.

You will find the next pick-up point on 45 Scott Road, on Abel Tasman Park, 40 minutes from Totaranui on the way to Takaka - see plan. To help make the Totaranui adventure much better for everyone, keep away foods from garbage sacks to help minimize odours, parasites and waste.

The entire Totaranui pool contains sparkling wine and therefore does not need to be bottled. Therefore the whole drinking process is done in a filter. Sign up and settle your charges on your return to the camping before setting up your camping. Once the camps offices are shut, sign up and settle your dues at the registry in front of the camps-offices. A 100% charge may apply if you do not log in to the bureau or self-registration.

Chill out with a bath or snorkeling in the clear water of Totaranui or with the children in the safety of the mouth when the flood comes. During this 30 minutes long botanic walk you will pass through a beautiful indigenous shrub, the only part of Totaranui that escapes fire and ax during the agricultural growth period.

Go for one of the longer strolls in the area, such as the Headlands Tracks. A 1 hours stroll with a great view over Totaranui. When you visit during the hibernation period, ride a Gibbs Hill Trail from May 1st to October 1st. It is 10 km from Totaranui to Wainui.

The Totaranui is great for aquatic activity, so take your own gear and discover the muzzle. You can also take your own boats with you and go skiing or go looking for the best outing. Hike along the coastline to Goat Bay and on to Awaroa, where you can have a cosy meal at Awaroa Lodge, then hike or take a back to Totaranui by ferry.

You can find the closest shop in Pohara, 25 minutes by car. The Awaroa Lodge is 1.5 hrs walking southwards on the Abel Tasman Coast Track or a brief boating trip away and is open every day with a café and restaurants. When you have not made your booking on-line and wish to come outside normal camping business opening times (8 am to 4 pm), please ensure that you have brought the proper amount of money for self-registration, non-registration will be subject to a surcharge.

TOTANARUI is packed, unpacked, ready to dispose of and recycle your own waste. The cell phonecoverage is not reliable with Totaranui, coin-operated telephones are available on site and pre-paid calling plans are available in the camping offices.

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