Torta de Mele

The Torta de Mele

De Mele Torta is stylish, moist and addictive. You'll find that my cake is a little brown inside and that's the story behind it. " One day, and while the apples are being roasted for Torta De Mele. It is my version of a famous apple dessert, which is sometimes spongy like a cake, and sometimes crispier, more like pastry - mine is the latter. Here is a recipe for a classic Italian Torta di Mele ~ apple pie.

The Mele Gate

I used to rely on prescriptions I created, what my buddies shared with me and what I saw in them. Though I have many textbooks at home, I seldom go near them because the prescription usually goes astray and I can't get in touch with the cook/author to ask what I've done bad.

I' ve got a lot of gourmet lovers, and they agree on the tastiest prescriptions. There' are a number of gourmets I have faith in and who have tried their prescriptions and were amazed. My boyfriend Dennis wrote the prescription I am going to divine today, I usually go to his diary, choose a haphazard prescription and know that it will be divine.

If you want to try many of his prescriptions, you should go to his diary and mark it with a cookbook. Oh, don't miss his cheese pie mix. De Mele Torta is stylish, wet and habit-forming. You' ll find that my pie is a little brown on the inside and that's the whole thing.

"Someday, and while the appetizers are being roasted for Torta De Mele. I got the doorbell, chatted and missed the feeling of timing to find out later that my fruits were toasted. It frightened me that this would spoil the flavour of the pie, but it actually gave it a touch of toffee.

and that''s why I took 3 spoonfuls of sugars out of the prescription, because the pie got a lot sweeter after I added the caramelised apples." Pre-heat to 375F - 190C, spread a 9 " round pie dish with buttermilk. Thicken with the melted milk, added bushels of lemons, sunflower, butter, icing sugar and vanilla.

Add wholemeal and apple. Cook until the pie is brown, 30-35 min. Place the pie on the dish to take out the frying tray, then turn it around and go back to the oven to chill. Sprinkle with 10x sugars before serve.

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