Top Tourist Attractions in Oahu

Oahu's top tourist attractions

It is Hawaii's third largest island and the most populous with almost one million inhabitants. Read our guide to the best attractions in West (Leeward) Oahu, hand-picked by our travel experts. First-rate Oahu North Shore attractions. They can' t visit the north shore without stopping in Haleiwa Town. The Oahu Activities Guide provides a large list of recommendations for some of the best Oahu activities and things you can do in Waikiki during your visit to Oahu.

Saving up to 50% on top attractions in Honolulu

Decide what you want to do and when you want to do it, just present your passport on your return - just cashless! Saving over 10% on sightseeing and sightseeing trips in Honolulu. Saving up to 30% on Pearl Harbour's best attractions and trips with the Pearl Harbor Passport.

Benefit from 14 of Waikiki's top attractions and unrestricted trolleys and cut costs by up to 50%! Pacific Island Arts Festival presents works by some of the best craftsmen and performers in Honolulu. Featuring over 100 participants, the show offers a great chance for those interested in the arts to discover the works of new artist and expand their collections.

The Kona Nui Nights is a weekly meeting that takes place every third Wednesday of the months and honours and emphasises the local languages, musicians and the arts of the Hero. The Honolulu International Honolulu Festivals, which attracts tens of millions of enthusiastic visitors every year, celebrate the Hawaiians' past and present. The three days of events will take place at different locations in the town and will offer visitors an extensive procession, a large number of artistic performances and other family-friendly events.

Hawaii's most favourite activities: Harbor & Oahu's Pearl Islands Attractions

Exquisite heritage, attractions, thrilling activity, gourmet-blushing dining, historic and cultured places, breathtaking scenery, remarkable night life - all with a great atmosphere and welcoming cuisine. All of this can be found on the astonishing Oahu. The Gathering Place" has been known in Hwaiian civilization for hundreds of years, and for good reasons.

It' s a magic blend of contemporary urban living, old story and the unbelievable strength of the outdoors. You' re never far from seeing something like that on Oahu. Though it is the third biggest in Hawaii, almost 1 million inhabitants are living on this southern hemisphere, which gives it the biggest inhabitants on the Islands of Hawaii.

Do not be fooled that all the transport and the masses of people are on Oahu just because Honolulu is the Hawaiian capitol. The irony is that perhaps the quietest place on the whole isle is in Pearl Harbor. Oahu's most valuable treasure (besides its inherent beauty) is its story, both of the ages before it became a US territorial area in 1898 and its central part in world policy afterwards.

If you are trying to get there on schedule or in frustration while you waste valuable holiday season queuing for the most favourite tourist attractions in Oahu, the only way to make sure you are not under stress is to take a trip. From both Oahu and Honolulu International airports, Pearl Harbor provides door-to-door services for your one-day inter-island itineraries.

They' ll show you everything you want to know about the Pearl Harbor assault and the whole of Oahu, if you want. A sneaky Japanese Empire assault ravaged US troops in the Pacific and imprisoned over 1,000 seamen and marine soldiers under the turbid water of Pearl Harbor.

It' really not to be overlooked, even if you're not a fan of it all. As you visit the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center, you can see recent images of the Imperial Empire of Japan's Naval Attack on the unconscious US Army and surrounding airbases, with a host of screens illustrating the happenings of December 7, 1941, "A Date That Will Living in Shame".

It' a story class that is strong yet festive. Next you visit the USS Bowfin "The Pearl Harbor Avenger", formerly an operating subsub. US Army Hasn' Too Young? Maybe the old Polyynesian story is more your pace? If so, the Polyynesian Cultural Centre is a great example and offers you the possibility to interact with the genuine Polyynesian people.

Polyynesian civilization is exemplified by the procession of canoes, music, dances and the six different towns that represent these areas. Dole Plantation, where you can discover the latest story of Hawaii and everything to do with pineapples. It' a quiet, relaxed Oahu night. Do you want to see as much of Oahu as possible?

Do a Circle Iceland tour. Have a look at an outline of the isle and take many pictures. Pearl Harbor, Oahu Islands or the Polynesian Cultural Centre, Pearl Harbor Tour can satisfy your every need. Oahu offers you the best of what Oahu has to show you with trips to islands, inter-islands, small groups, individuals and large groups.

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