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Soviet Union Bowfin Submarine Museum: flickr. Shandri La (Doris Duke House): flickr. The Hawaiian world - exotic, mysterious, ancient and very lively - and Honolulu is his beating heart. A must for every Hawaiian. Activities in Hawaii, United States:

Honolulu's 14 tourist attractions with top marks

The Honolulu is the capitol of Hawaii and the principal entrance for most of the state's people. Hawaii is easy to reach with air travel from North America, Asia and South Pacific and is an important travel stop for people from all over the world who want to explore the beach and the tropics.

Honolulu is divided approximately into three areas, which are Waikiki, Downtown and Pearl Harbor. Waikiki is the most popular tourist destination, a half sq. m. sandy coastline with a wonderful sandy area. It is one of the most populous areas in the United States, with more than any other part of Hawaii, with more bars, cafes, restaurants and stores.

The city centre and history of Honolulu is full of activities and sights, with museum, history building and renowned statue. The Pearl Harbour is the biggest of Hawaii's harbours, and it is called after the many beads that were once picked from its deepest deep. Pearl Harbour Visitor Centre, run by the National Park Service, is free and open to the general public. All visitors are welcome.

It is also the base for trips to the USS Arizona, as well as the Pacific Aviation Museums on Ford Island. It is a unique exhibition with a videopresentation, historical photos, two World War II air plane hanger and flightsimulators that allow the visitor to take off and land on an airplane cradle.

The ones who are on a firm timetable may want to take the Pearl Harbour Tours of Honolulu, which includes pearl harbour peaks in just 4. 5 hrs, inclusive the USS Arizona plus a cruising trip from downtown Honolulu. Sure.... USS Arizona Memorial is the most popular touristic destination in Hawaii and one of the five places that are part of the World War II Valor at the Pacific National Monument.

In the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center, free guided visits to the site begin with a movie about the assault and its historic background, after which the visitor gets on a U.S. Navy ship and is taken to the site. Due to the great interest of the trip, it is advisable for guests to come early to book their ticket or to book a seat in advance.

Situated on the south bank of Honolulu, this area is known for its high-end resort, leisure, shopping, restaurants and beautiful sands. "Sports are so much admired here that the markings along the Waikiki Historic Trail consist of surf boards in conjunction with a duke's sculpture.

Most of Waikiki's boutique and restaurant are located along Kuhio and KalaKaua Avenues, and the Royal Hawaiian Center and International Market Square are favourite meeting places for touristfind. There are also plenty of cafés and night-time activities along the Waikiki Beach Walk. Diamond Head is the most famous nature monument in Hawaii and has an unmistakable character.

Today it is possible for the visitor to climb the path that climbs 560 ft from the bottom of the caldera to the top in just 0.8 a nile. On the top is a huge 1917 light house, as well as a bunker and the fire control station that control the Fort Ruger and Waikiki artillerym.

The restorations that began in 1990 have left the cove untouched and its ecosystems thriving so that the visitor can really experience the site and its many people. In order to fight harm to the vulnerable ecosystems and maintain the cove for coming generation, the number of people who visit it every day is restricted and all beach goers must view an instructional film on how to make sure they do not harm the coral and ecosystems they will have.

For more information, you can also view the Hanauma Bay Education Center, which is equipped with fully featured educational screens. Shangri-La The Shangri-La Gallery shows the entire Doris Duke Foundation for Islam Arts exhibition, a product of the founder's passion for Muslim architecture and works of fine arts. Most of the collections is pottery, mainly tiling, which includes mediaeval Iranian specimens.

One of the most conspicuous works are the great architectonic works ordered for the Musée in the 1930' by Iranian, Indian and Moroccan artist. Further works are textile, timber, glass and decoration items from Spain, the Middle East, India and Asia with a total production of around 2,500 of them.

Docking at Pearl Harbor, the visitor can select between two itineraries. This short trip takes in the captain's quarter and the boat deck and gives an insight into the vessel's past, as the tourist is guided over the top-deck. A longer, deeper trip involves exploring the inner life of the warship.

Not only does this comprehensive guide give the visitor a view below decks into the machine room and other important stations, but also offers practical experience, such as the possibility of lighting one of the ship's gigantic kettles or programming the old analogue computer in the rear plot room. Anyone who can climb the 1,050 stairs of the Koko Crater Railway Trail will be awarded with breath-taking vistas of the coast of Honolulu.

If you are a first-time visitor, consider engaging a language resource that provides useful hints to help you get ready for your trip and give you an overview of the town' s past. When you are not ready to ascend, the Botanical Garden of Koko Crater is a great action that can be reached along a two miles long trail that winds through 60 hectares of vulnerable and uncommon grass.

There is a print card and a walking route available at the entrance, and there is no cost for a stroll through the deserts of the gardens, which contain dry vegetation from Hawaii, Africa and Madagascar. Today it is the formal home of the Hwaiian Empire and a great place to relive Hawaii' historic past.

It was the royal dynasty of Hawaii until 1893, when they were expelled by US colonists, and then became the capital of the country until the new one was built in 1969. It was renovated in the 70s and opened as a permanent exhibition in 1978. Since 1913 the building has been a Hawaiian heritage centre and is run by the daughters of Hawaii.

The Bishop in Hawaii State Museums contains one of the best collections of Polish art and artefacts in the state. Among the museum's exhibitions are Kuhili, a compilation of feathery kingly ornaments that were used as banners for former kings, and feather cloaks and helms. On the first level of the building is Kai ?kea, the home of the old god.

The other areas of the Ethiopian Whale Park are focused on the area' s environmental heritage, which includes trades such as whale hunting. There is also a remarkable large artefact library from the South Pacific and artefacts from the Japanese, Chinese, Filipinos, Koreans, Portugese, Germans and other early colonists. It also houses the J. Watumull Planetarium, which features a wide range of shows exploring the Hwaiian nocturnal skies and other heavenly themes, as well as movies about the dinosaur and Fr.

Almost half of the 50,000 items in the Honolulu Musu of Arts are in his Asia Arts collections, underlining the influence of Asia's cultural life in Hawaii. More than 23,000 items make this rendezvous especially famous for its portrayals of Chinese, German, Japanese as well as Chinese and Venetian arts. Of course, Hwaiian artwork is also a focal point of the museum's works, with a broad palette of mediums that represent Hwaiian artist from the 1700s to the present day.

It also houses some 18,000 works of Western and Western artwork, such as sculptures and handicrafts. It has an important collections of works by some of the most important painters of the nineteenth centuries, such as Van Gogh, Cézanne, Rodin and Monet. Even though the Museum's antique collections are small, there are some noteworthy artefacts from Greek, Rome and Egypt that are more than 5,000 years old.

USS Bowfin and the USS Bowfin Museum in Pearl Harbor are devoted to the commemoration of the 52 submarines and their crew that were submerged during the Second World War. Guests can take their time to discover the U-boat and get information about certain devices and rooms from well-informed and volunteer-stays.

In the USS Bowfin Museum, the visitor can inform himself about the submarine's story by means of objects, examples and artefacts. Lyon Arboretum is a 194 hectare botanic park in a rain forest with a selection of more than 5,000 Hawaiian and Polynesian species of plant. The museum has one of the biggest palm collections in a botanic park and a number of theme parks.

These include a herbs and spices gardens, a bromelias gardens, the Beatrice H. Krauss Ethnobotanical Gardens and many others. The Foster Botanical Gardens with orchid conservatory, nursery and other remarkable wildlife is another beautiful area. It houses three historic buildings from the early nineteenth c..

Among the objects are the Mission House (1821), the Print House (1841) and the Chamberlain House (1831), which Levi Chamberlain constructed for himself and his eight-member household when they came to Honolulu from Vermont in 1823. Here, first of all, books were published in the Malawian languages, which were used by the evangelists as a literary medium.

When you come to Honolulu to visit the beautiful sandy areas, it is best to remain in Waikiki. It is the most important travel stop on the Oahu isle. Near the shore are usually the top end resort, with cheaper accommodations when you travel up-country.

Trump International Hotel Waikiki Strand Walk is a five-star high-rise building with fantastic panoramic view, first-class amenities, shops, restaurants and a great setting just a few minutes from the sea. Halekulani Hotel is another of Waikiki's prestigious luxury hotel chains and offers a number of rooms and suite accommodation with unbelievable sea, sand and Diamond Head overlooks.

Hyatt Regency Waikiki Resort and Spa is an older estate in a top position in the centre of Waikiki and near the harbour. Centrally located in Waikiki, near shops and shops, just a few minutes walking distance from the sea, is the Holiday Inn Resort Waikiki Beachcomber.

The Vive Waikiki is a classy shop with free breakfasts, three minutes from the sea. The Luana Waikiki Hotels and Suites offer a variety of accommodations for those looking for more room, among them rooms with kitchenette or full kitchen. It is further back, but still within easy walk of the sea and has a small pools.

Waikiki Prince, also a promenade from the sea, is a favourite destination for travellers interested in longer stay and has simple rooms with kitchenette. The Ewa Hotel is a little off the beaten track and yet only a brief walking distance from the shore. Good back from the sea, but with proper rooms and a swimmingpool is White Sands Hotel.

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