Top Resorts in Vanuatu

Vanuatu's top resorts

You can book Iririki Island Resort & Spa, Port Vila on TripAdvisor: Vanuatu Top 33 Resorts Accommodation in Vanuatu The Vanuatu Islands is an 83-island group. Some of them host hilly, energetic volcanos and are shrouded in luxuriant rain forests, while others are shielded by granite shelters. Because Vanuatu is a favourite holiday resort, it is full of astonishing contrast like this one. Vanuatu's general attractiveness and laid-back lifestyle are also two important reasons why Vanuatu is a renowned city.

For more information on Vanuatu's culture, visit the Vanuatu Culture Centre, Vanuatu's leading centre of culture. It is also home to the famous Mount Yasur volcanos.

Puerto Vila Hotels

The Vanuatu Holiday Hotell is a shop style resort with a powerful NiVan civilization and is run by Ni-Vanuatu. The Vanuatu Holiday is located in the centre of Port Vila, in the immediate vicinity of all touristic amenities of the town and offers an open-air bath, free WiFi, a 24-hour reception area, lounging services by mass, free baggage deposit and above all a low fare for all travellers.

Sunset Bungalows Resort for grown-ups is located directly on the banks of the Emten Lagoon. There is a large indoor and outdoor area with a large indoor and outdoor area. The Sunset Bungalows Resort Port Vila is only 7 min by car from the center of Port Vila and 15 min by car from Bauerfield International Airport.

Located on the beach at Samoa Point, just 25km from Port Vila, this is a very special, secluded beach retreat surrounded by flaming trees and lush greenery. The villas all have king-size cots, minibars, flat screens and free WiFi. Others have their own en-suite entrance to a beautiful two-tier edaphic swimmingpool on a pool of lagoons, while others have their own 7m long en-duro swimming pools, a restaurant and swimming hall outdoors.

This is a fully adult resorts. It has three secluded sandy and secluded resorts, lagoons and off-shore islets, just 20 min from the main city of Port Vila, and Eratap's seclusion and splendour is unparalleled. Indulge in the daily spas, restaurants, lounge bars and open-air swimming pools.

Situated in the middle of a small village, the Vanuatu seafood is served with the renowned Vanuatu Bio-veal, lobsters and the delicious chicken. These roomy and luxury mansions have a separated living and sleeping pavilion, a secluded patio with deckchairs and seaview and a seperate ticket on the waterfront.

Most of them have a swimmingpools. They are all privately located in nice places around the penninsula.

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