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Find out why Classic Fijian Bures. Get away from luxury at the Royal Davui Island Resort Fiji! From Vomo Island Villa Interior / Vomo Island Resort Romance Fiji Style: Receive a free quote in minutes. Buy amazing luxury holiday homes, villas and apartments Fiji .

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This is a 1 and 2 bedroom residential complex of 20 1 -bedroom and 2-bedroom residences on Sonaisali Street. Nestled in a quiet setting, amid scenic waters with a view of Nadi Bay, the residence offers a relaxing holiday while enjoying the stunning scenery of Fiji, ocean and mountains and beautiful sundowns.

Contemporary, architectonically landscaped mansions, embedded in the surroundings of the islands, offer a feeling of elegance and spaciousness, "a home far from home". They are perfect for family, couple or single people looking for comfort and comfort in a quiet area. You can rent a vehicle in this place and the area is very much loved for relaxation, horseriding, kayaking and angling.

Nadi is the closest international airports, 12 km from the area.

You' re one inch nearer the wild side.

That is not an escapism. It' the comeback to a well being. Wherever robust luxuries meet uncontrolled liberty. That'?s a holiday with meaning and meaning. Our goal is to promote the creativeness and enthusiasm of our visitors by assisting them to break away from their hyper-connected lifestyle and re-connect with the planet and the world.

Every event is unique, individual.

Making Fiji like an A-Lister

There is no place like Fiji where exaggerated luxuries are on the increase for Hollywood fans, the tropic sun, palms, the thrill of world-class dive to surf and, best of all, anonyms. Fiji Airways' ultra-comfortable 11-hour LAX service is the way to fly over night - and since many of the islands in the South Pacific are so isolated and secluded, a good part of the people have no clue who is a famous person and who is not.

This could soon be changing, however, after a few top-class resorts have taken a bow. It is the tip of the privately run insular resorts of the co-founder of Red Bull, Dietrich Mateschitz. Of course, the name of the visitors - who come by air or air from the Isle of Nadi and are picked up by a Land Rover - is not published, but some of them could not defend themselves against splitting their locations on Instagram (see Ludacris, Tony Hawk and Gayle King, who of course were there with Beast Oprah Winfrey).

Twenty-five mansions are spacious and have their own trolley for simple transportation around the large islands with their own gardens and farms, completely equipped with Wagyu beef, Austria hens and orchids. You can have your own picnic on a remote sandy spot, ride a horse at any time and park your own plane in front of your home.

Naturally, the mansions have their own open-air swimming pool and large internal and external baths. Although not quite as expensive as Laucala, the Isle still has a few thousand per day (from $2,500) for roomy Fijian-style beach mansions, with en-suite swimming pool, huge family-friendly apartments on the hill and some of the best activity programs there are.

Fishers can go on personal trips with their famous Jaga and then have the caught food prepared for them. VIP' can be treated to the stunning personal cuisine of their head caterer under the helicopter paddock to create a unique multi-course meal that includes meals like Dock to Dish - a programme they launched in Fiji to encourage local fisheries for sustainability - with a tender, delicious, white fishwh.

You can also book your own personal Yogast unden, personal windsurfing session, personal diving in a glassbottom vessel or seaweed, personal yacht trips, personal waterfalls walks... all personal, everything. But not all Hollywood insider choose to live on islands. At the unspoilt Tavarua Island Resort, on some of the best surfing spots on the globe, Chris Hemsworth accompanied 11-time Kelly Slater, the surfing pro.

You can also get to world-class Cloudbreak and Namotu Lefthand from the brand-new Six Sensors Fiji on Malolo Island, where you can enjoy spectacular beach sails, swimming pool, a movie theater and tropical surfing. Spacious apartments with incredible view and swimming pool are the first option for A-lists. Fiji's advent of Six sense indicates a delay when it comes to top names in luxurious hotels that were not previously present there.

The Jean Michel Cousteau Estate is a truly exceptional place where the owner knows that many celebrities have remained but don't know their name - that's how anonymity is in the family-friendly Savusavu Estate with a diving store that belongs to the deceased Jacques Cousteau's second. There is a sea life expert for your own trips, who at the end of the day are very instructive and at the same time incredibly amazing.

If they are not under the ocean, visitors can also go walking, swimming in a rocky vulcanic cascade, exploring the rain forest, planting mangroves or visiting a typical town. Walking, zippered food and all the adrenaline-loaden activities were on Shay Mitchell's agenda when she went to Fiji and stayed at Tadrai Island Resort, a beautiful all-inclusive exclusive design for pairs.

A further favourite choice for couple is Tony Robbins' own Namale Estate, a luxuriant, secluded Eden with an abundance of privately held lands and a gorgeous riff and a blow hole on the doorstep (enjoy the view from the heart-shaped whirlpool). Well-known for its functioning plantations of coconuts and the resorts, the bachelorette in 2011 is still a favourite destination for honeymoons.

There is only one two-bedroom office (cabin); the other 18 differ in configurations, but also include en-suite swimming baths and some billiard desks. There are many outdoor pursuits: waterfalls picnic, snorkelling, diving, wake boarding, horse back-riding and a huge, extensive spas that is a must. After all, every Fiji vacation is permeated by the contagious minds of the local population, and as kitschy as it may sound, a smile is even more certain here than a tan.

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